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show flexibility in English

Have you heard certain phrases that seem different but ultimately mean the same thing?

Have you ever wanted to tell somebody that you’re fine with something, one way or another?

If you have ever tried to find the right phrase to use for this in English, it can be confusing.

We’re going to look at what it takes to offer this freedom and say it with the perfect phrase.


Here’s a letter that expresses this same confusion on this very situation.


Hey Lindsay and Michelle!

How are you doing?

My name is Lior and I am from Israel. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for about two months and I think it is top notch! Thank you for all your hard work you put into every lesson!

As for my question, I was preparing for a presentation and wanted to express the idea that all means are legitimate aiming for a specific purpose. What I’m trying to say is that every mean or way you choose to go about it isacceptable!

In Hebrew, we have a specific idiom for this type of situation, but I haven’t been able to think of a parallel one in English. How could I express this idea in English? Is there a relevant idiom / expression I can use?

Many thanks in advance!



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Using The Right Phrases To Offer Freedom

This is a great question, so is there a specific idiom here?

There are a few ways you can express this point.

It’s important to connect with people in these situations because typically someone may be asking for your advice.

This gives them freedom to do what they want, so it may be good to use with coworkers or something like that.

If you are trying to offer several ways to do something then you want to be sure that you are saying this in the best way possible.


Common Phrases To Express This Point

If you are trying to offer certain freedoms in a situation, then you want to know the best way to express that.

There are several words or phrases that can mean the same thing.

It can be helpful to know what they are and how to use them so you can insert them into conversation.

  • Either wayIt doesn’t matter to you how it’s done because either way will work out just fine.
  • Whatever works: You are leaving it up to the other person to say that whatever is best for you is just fine. Neither option is a big difference in your world.
    • “You could take the highway or the back roads. Whatever works best depending on the time of day and the traffic–they will both get you to the final spot.”
  • However you want to go about it: You can accomplish the same thing using a couple of different ways to get there.
    • “As long as we finish the assignment by Friday, I’m fine with however you want to go about it.”



Experiment with these phrases and try to connect with people.

When they ask your opinion show them that you don’t think there is one correct way to do something when it is relevant.

This is a perfect example of different phrases that can mean the same thing.

These are also phrases that let you use some slang but in a perfect way.

Try using one in conversation and see how it works for you.

It’s a great way to make connections and to gain great practice in making conversation.


If you have any questions, leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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