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Would you like to get answers from an IELTS Examiner about the exam?

You’re in luck!

Jessica was an IELTS Examiner for 14 years!

Today we answer three recent listener questions about IELTS Speaking.

Listen in for this insider Examiner advice.

Should you trust IELTS advice online?

You need to be wary about the advice you read about IELTS online.

Many teachers know about an exam like TOEFL but not IELTS.

There is a lot of information specific to each exam.

Additionally, not every English teacher can help with specific exams.

IELTS isn’t just a comprehension exam.

Skills and strategies for college academic essays won’t always help.

Be sure to get your answers from an IELTS expert!

Question #1: Eye contact

Hello! Thanks for your podcast! Teachers encourage us to look straight into the eyes of an examiner. However, a person on YouTube argues that it is not a test of evaluating our communication.


You are not scored on the IELTS exam for your eye contact.

If it helps you to speak naturally, make eye contact with the Examiner!

However, if you have a difficult time speaking fluently while making eye contact, don’t!

Hand gestures and eye contact don’t affect your score.

What is important is that you’re showing your fluency.

There’s a lot to think about on test day.

Whether you’re making enough eye contact or not is not one of them.

Question #2: 2 Minutes for Part 2

Is it important to speak in part 2 speaking section until the examiner stops you?


This is a question many students have.

The wording of the instructions for Part 2 are confusing.

You are told, ‘You will have 1-2 minutes for this.’

This can give students the impression that they can speak for one minute.

That is not the case!

You must speak for the full 2 minutes to show your fluency.

What happens if you speak less?

If you speak for less than 2 minutes on Part 2, the Examiner is required to wait.

They will use a hand gesture that indicates you should speak more.

If you neglect to speak for the full 2 minutes, your Fluency/Coherence score goes down.

It can also throw you off for the rest of the exam.

How to fill the 2 minutes

There are several strategies for filling this time!

In Part 2, you will be describing something.

Be very descriptive and share a lot of detail!

Tell a story, sharing what happened before, during and after.

Don’t be afraid to go off on tangents.

Once you answer the question, you can share any related information!

Question #3: Can you talk too much?

If we talk more than the time we used to talk is that can reduce our score or not?


Many students also have this question!

You may have wondered what happens if your answers are too long.

The good news is you don’t have to worry about speaking too long!

If your answer is too long, the Examiner will interrupt you.

They do this so they have time to ask the rest of their questions.

Your score is not reduced if the Examiner interrupts you.

Risks of speaking too long

There are a few potential risks if you speak too long when answering a question.

You might end up repeating yourself or hesitating.

For some answers, you will have more to say than for other answers.

You must answer each question with at least a few sentences.

However, if you don’t have a lot to say don’t force yourself to speak more.

Conclude your answer and let the Examiner ask the next question.

It is perfectly fine for some answers to be longer than others.


Be careful who you trust for answers about the IELTS exam!

You want to make sure your information is coming from IELTS experts.

We are lucky to have Jessica on our team who was an Examiner for 14 years.

Today’s answers give you insider information about the exam that you can trust.

For all the IELTS information you need, sign up for our online IELTS course.

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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