Aubrey Carter
"3 Keys IELTS Certified Coach"
Jessica Beck
"Director of IELTS Training"

After studying for 3 years and taking the IELTS exam 9 times, Mette owned it!

She got the 7 she needed in Writing and an impressive overall 8.5!

Today we hear about her journey and get her tips on how she scored an overall 8.5.

She shares the strategies that helped her get over her Writing rut.

You’ll also hear how she got a 9 on Speaking!

If you want to join the system that helped her get past IELTS, join 3 Keys IELTS today!

What scores did she get?

The first several times she took the exam, she got the scores she needed in every section except Writing.

She could not get higher than a 6 or 6.5 in Writing and she needed a 7.

It was incredibly frustrating to be stuck!

She then took the exam and got an overall 8.5!

  • Listening: 8.5
  • Reading: 8.5
  • Writing: 7
  • Speaking: 9

What is her goal beyond IELTS?

She is a general practice doctor in Denmark.

Her dream is to move to New Zealand with her family.

Finally her dream is coming true!

She is about to sign a contract.

She had an interview and rocked it!

Her kids are so happy she can spend more time with them instead of studying for IELTS!

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What made her choose to join 3 Keys?

She had tried a study system out of Australia and it wasn’t working for her.

Even after completing their study program, she was still stuck with a 6.5 in Writing.

She listened to the IELTS Energy podcast and heard interviews with other students who had success with our system.

She decided to try something different and joined 3 Keys IELTS!

How did she get a 7 on Writing?

The templates in 3 Keys IELTS simplified her essay organization.

They gave her the structure she needed to create high scoring essays.

On test day, time was a real issue for her.

Having these templates saved her time because she had them ready instead of thinking of how and what to write.

Personal Coach classes showed her that she needed a variety of transitions used correctly.

The 3 Keys IELTS study system also gave her the timing strategies she needed so she could write the essays in the time given.

How did she improve her spelling?

As we gave her feedback on her essays, it was clear spelling was a hurdle for her.

In order to improve her spelling, she made lists of common, difficult words that come up on IELTS.

She wrote them over and over until she could spell them correctly.

She also spent time improving her overall fluency by reading many different English sources.

While reading, she paid closer attention to spelling so she would recognize words that are spelled incorrectly.

She also started a vocabulary notebook and focused on learning useful words well.

How did Mette get a 9 on her Speaking exam?

She was getting 7.5 and 8 before joining our study system.

When she joined our Personal Coach program, we did a practice Speaking exam.

She was using linking words, filler phrases and high level vocabulary.

She received feedback to relax and enjoy the speaking exam.

She took that advice and was more relaxed on test day.

The Examiner was very serious and showed no reaction.

She did not let that affect her, and got a 9!


You can get past IELTS and experience the same success Mette has!

She is accomplishing her dream of moving to New Zealand.

Whatever your goal, you can realize it!

Follow in Mette’s footsteps and join a study system that can give you the strategies you need.

Stop wasting time and join 3 Keys IELTS today!

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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