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Today you’ll learn how to tackle IELTS Listening questions about maps.

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A subscriber to our YouTube channel asked about this tough IELTS Listening question type. Thank you for your comment!

He also asked about Multiple Choice questions on Listening.

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How to Tackle IELTS Listening Map Questions

1. Before you listen

Remember that all answers are in order on the Listening Exam.

So, before you listen, pay attention to where each question is, circle the question, and describe the location in your head.

2. Know the vocabulary

This is part of our 3 Keys prediction strategy, which has helped many students get 9’s on Listening!

You can’t describe the locations unless you know the vocabulary! Nor can you understand the speaker when he or she is describing the diagram.

You should make a list of location words, like: northeast, southwest, bottom corner, kitty corner, across, diagonal, directly behind, etc.

To get more native vocabulary like this, visit a tourist spot where you live, and get a brochure with a map in English.

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