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Today you’ll get actionable goals for every IELTS skill in 2019.

This is a magical time of year!

Time to organize your time for the new year, and choose your goals.

Below, you’ll find activities to add to your study plan this year to get ready for your IELTS Exam.


Get into the habit of having English on, even in the background.

We’ve talked before about listening to more podcasts made for native speakers.

Try this activity as well:

Put on a TED Talk, but only listen to it, and don’t watch the video.

Then, listen again and watch the video, and you’ll understand even more.

Listening to things more than once increases your comprehension! It’s important to practice understanding.


Even if you think you do not enjoy reading, reading for pleasure is vital, perhaps necessary, to improving all of your IELTS scores.

This is how you improve not only reading comprehension, but vocabulary, grammar and ideas.

Think of what genre of movies or TV series you enjoy, and then find a book or collection of short stories in that same genre.

Go to this website,

Click on ‘Browse’, then ‘Choose your favorite genre.’

Explore, and find your way into the love of reading. It will last you the rest of your life!


You must speak out loud every day for 10-20 minutes.

But, what do you talk about?

Try thinking of a person you want to talk to. It could be someone you admire, like an athlete or famous inventor.

Pretend to talk to this person. Tell them about yourself, and why you admire them.

Or, try to remember stories from your childhood and teenage years.

Talk out loud and tell the stories, with as much detail as you can remember.


On that same theme, start a memoir!

Year by year, brainstorm stories and memories from growing up.

Three days a week, sit down for 30 minutes to one hour, and write your life story!

Finally, realize the importance of investing in your IELTS score, and choose an online course that guarantees your score increase, like 3 Keys IELTS!

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