Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Does it take magic to create new inventions?

Is it only geniuses that can do this?

Today, Lindsay interviews David Beker, who has invented new products that are currently available commercially.

Listen in as he gives you three pieces of advice to start innovating in your own life.

David Beker

Lindsay introduces her desk David Beker.

He is a founder, entrepreneur, and inventor.

He started his journey when he and a friend started a gourmet ice cream cone business.

It was a great success and he enjoyed that experience.

He really loved that the people enjoyed the idea of a very tasty ice cream cone.

Lindsay asks David how his friend knew that the ice cream cone business would work.

They saw a gap in the ice cream market and tried to make a twist to their offering.

There was a time while they were marketing their product that some would say they wouldn’t be successful but they didn’t listen.

They kept innovating and developing their product to make sure their customers were enjoying their ice cream.

If they had given up or just gone with the flow in terms of offerings in the ice cream industry, they wouldn’t have arrived anywhere.

Start innovating

Lindsay asks David if he thinks it’s magic to invent things and if is this just for smart people.

David said it’s definitely not magic.

Rather, it’s about hard work and drive.

If you want to bring something to the marketplace there is a science to it.

You have to put in the work to execute ideas.

David shares 3 tips for you to come up with great ideas.

#1: Find a mentor.

Anyone interested in investing and entrepreneurship should find a mentor or enroll in a course.

There are many readily available resources out there that you can use.

#2: Keep your eyes open

There are a plethora of gaps around you that you can provide a solution to.

What are the frustrations in your life that you can fix?

Focus on that and you may have other people encountering the same problem.

With that, you have made something you can teach and help other people.

#3: Think of combining

Find opportunities that you can seize.

Be observant about things you use that could be combined.

Ideas don’t really need to be new; an existing product or invention can inspire them.

Corporate innovation

Lindsay asks David if bigger companies don’t need to innovate and grow.

David answers that all companies can innovate but the real question is how long it takes to innovate.

That is the main challenge.

It’s not easy to grow a business or be innovative.

If you follow the three tips mentioned above, you will definitely come up with new ideas.

This can help you reach a goal if you are entrepreneurial.


Look for a mentor or enroll in a course to have proper guidance in the field you want to contribute your ideas.

Find resources that will equip you with the right knowledge.

Additionally, look for problems you can solve by observing your world.

Pay attention to your own life or the struggles of people in your community.

Think of what solution you can provide for even minor inconveniences.

Inventing things and sharing new ideas is always a good way to make a connection to the world around you.

David’s bio

David founded the company ‘A Better Design Company’ which is based in Israel.

He has a lifetime of experience in senior management and entrepreneurship.

He leads his team in helping inventors and entrepreneurs to bring their product ideas to life.

David has invented the multi-award-winning toy called Bank-A-Ball and Backbook, a transformative way for a book to be structured, among other inventions.

You can find resources from David Beker on his website

You can also click here to check out his LinkedIn profile.

What is something new you want to share with your community?

Share it in the comments below.

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