Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"
Aubrey Carter
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Today you learn about a common English grammar mistake.

We’ll show you how to turn the information you know about someone into an interesting question.

This will help you deepen your connections.

Sometimes subtle grammar rules can help you create deeper connections with friends, family, and, co-workers in English.

Coffee or dessert?

Lindsay asks Aubrey what is the last dessert she ate.

Aubrey says that her coffee this morning should be considered a dessert because she used almond milk vanilla creamer.

It makes her coffee taste like ice cream because it becomes so sweet.

Lindsay shares that she drinks a lot of coffee so she takes it black because if she added sugar she’d likely gain weight.

This makes Lindsay think about the previous episode they did that mentioned coffee as well.

You can check out AEE 2056: Don’t Have Cash? How to Tip at a Coffee Shop.

Americans talk about coffee a lot and it is a good topic to start with if you’re looking to connect.

Now is the time to get unstuck with grammar.

When’s the last time?

Today’s episode is a follow-up to a previous episode.

The episode is AEE 2024: When’s the Last Time You Learned Such Useful Grammar?

Lindsay and Aubrey promised a follow-up with phrases for using this grammar to spark conversation.

This is the phrase ‘When’s the last time…’

This phrase is often used as a rhetorical question or expression to emphasize.

  • rhetorical question: a question that does not require or expect an answer

This is used most often to ask about something you know someone has done.


  • When’s the last time you ate something this delicious?
  • When’s the last time you saw such a beautiful rainbow?
  • When’s the last time you went camping?
  • What’s the last book you read?
  • What’s the last trip you took?
  • Who’s the last person you met?
  • Who’s the last person you went on vacation with?

When to avoid this phrase

Don’t use this phrase to ask about something that might not have been experienced.

Another way to use ‘when’s the last time…’ is to ask when something was done.

It isn’t always rhetorical.

It is a good way to learn new information about a person and continue the conversation.

Using the phrase ‘when’s the last time…’ is perfect to keep the conversation going.


Lindsay and Aubrey share a roleplay to better understand today’s topic.

In this roleplay, Lindsay and Aubrey are on a road trip.

Aubrey: When’s the last road trip you took?
Lindsay: Last summer! We drove up to Canada.
Aubrey: Oh wow! The last time I was in Canada was over ten years ago when we took our kids to Montreal.
Lindsay: What about you? When’s the last time you went on a road trip?
Aubrey: A few weeks ago I drove to Escalante and Idaho. We did a slot canyon hike. When’s the last time you hiked a slot canyon?
Lindsay: It’s been a couple of years.


This grammar structure is excellent for connecting in English.

Use it to ask coworkers, friends, and family about recent experiences.

This will definitely create a deeper connection between you and the person you’re talking to.

It’s a great opportunity to learn information about them and find similarities.

Use today’s phrases to deepen your connections in English!

What are other phrases you use to learn information about someone else?

Share it in the comments below.

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