Aubrey Carter
"3 Keys IELTS Certified Coach"
Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Are you aligned with everyone you work with?

You need the vocabulary and phrases to make sure you’re synced up with colleagues.

Listen in on today’s episode to learn phrases you can use to ensure you are on the same page as coworkers.

Are you aligned?

Lindsay asks Aubrey if she feels she is aligned with colleagues at All Ears English.

Aubrey shares that at previous jobs she was not always aligned with colleagues, but at All Ears English she is fortunate to be aligned with everyone.

She shares that team syncs are really helpful to get everyone on the same page.

The word ‘align’ can be used in many ways.

You can be aligned on timelines, deadlines, values, or goals.

This word came up at episode: AEE 2183: Charles Duhigg on 3 Ways to Be a Supercommunicator.

Charles mentioned it when saying, “The best thing to start with is aligning your goals in a conversation.”

This is a great verb to discuss being aligned with colleagues.

Phrases for being aligned

Here are a few ways to share that you are on the same page with the people you work with.

Lindsay and Aubrey share some examples of how you can use each.

#1: To be aligned

This means to be in agreement with someone or something.

You can be on the same page regarding goals, timelines, or deliverables.

This is a way to say you are ready to work together because you have the same information or vision.

You can also say this when facing a challenge to establish that you and colleagues are aligned to overcome it.


  • Are you aligned on this goal?
  • We need to get aligned on this issue.

#2: Be in sync / be synced up

Similar to ‘aligned,’ this means to be in agreement or on the same page.

This is a useful alternative because it’s less formal.


  • Let’s sync up.
  • I’m glad we’re in sync about this.

#3: Harmonize

This is often used to line up systems or goals so people can work together more easily.

You will also hear this to refer to harmonies in music.


  • We found a way to harmonize our goals.
  • Now that we’ve been able to harmonize our process, things are going smoothly.


Here is a quick roleplay using the phrases shared in today’s episode.

This is for you to better understand how to use these in a business context.

In this scenario, Lindsay and Aubrey are planning a conference.

Lindsay: I’m glad we could meet up to make sure we’re aligned on everything.

Aubrey: Absolutely. I feel like we have a lot of balls in the air so this will be good to make sure we’re in sync.

Lindsay: I met with the board yesterday. As you know, they had a different vision but I shared our progress so far and we’re on the same page now.

Aubrey: Fantastic! I’m glad you were able to harmonize with them.


Your success at work is greatly affected by whether or not you’re aligned with colleagues.

Use today’s vocabulary to sync up if you’re not on the same page.

Having a connection with the people you interact with is the key to strong relationships.

This will help you have a great support group around you.

What do you do to strengthen connections in the workplace?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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