Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

If you have a vibrant social life, then you are probably attending a lot of events.

In today’s episode, find out why it’s important to be specific about the type of event you’re attending.

You’ll learn vocabulary for a variety of different parties.

Events and parties

Michelle asks Lindsay if she’s recently attended any shindigs.

Lindsay says she is hosting an upcoming ugly sweater party.

Michelle shares she went to a shindig in October for Halloween.

She spent time with friends who are like family to her.

Today’s episode is about different kinds of parties and different words to use for parties.

Inspiration for today’s episode

This was inspired by the actress Julia Louis Dreyfuss who played Elaine on Seinfeld.

On her Instagram, she posted something about going to a shindig, and Michelle realized that it’s a great episode topic.

  • shindig: a lively, exciting party.

There is often dancing at this type of party.

It’s used in a cutesy, maybe slightly funny or sarcastic way.

You wouldn’t often hear it being used in a serious way.

It’s a slang word you can use to bring a playful touch to a conversation.

You can check out AEE 2114: How to Use a Strong Idiom to Share Your Identity in English to learn new vocabulary or phrases to say common words.

This can help you bring more personality when connecting in English.

Ways to say party

Lindsay asks Michelle about her favorite kinds of parties.

Michelle loves parties with good food and a lot of dancing.

She also likes to be surrounded with friends and a good crowd with positive vibes.

Lindsay shares that she likes barbecues.

This is why the 4th of July celebration is her favorite holiday.

A campfire and roasting marshmallows while drinking beers is a fantastic party for her.

It’s a great opportunity for connection when you get to share about things you like to do at a party.

#1: Bash

This is a fun word to use especially when talking about birthdays.

You’d hear ‘birthday bash.’

It is rarely used with other types of celebrations.

Also, it is more often used to refer to a birthday party for an adult rather than a child’s birthday.

#2: Reception

This is a specific way to refer to a party after a structured event.

It would commonly relate to a wedding but you can also hear it after a graduation or a ceremony.

It can be held in a ballroom or a function hall.

#3: Shower

This is different from taking a bath.

You would commonly hear ‘baby shower.’

This is a party done before a baby is born.

You are celebrating for the parents before the baby comes.

You would want to wish them the best of luck.

People often have bridal showers to give gifts to someone getting married.


Here is a quick roleplay from Lindsay and Michelle using the different ways to say ‘party.’

This is for you to better understand how to use these English words in a conversation.

In this scenario, Lindsay and Michelle are talking about their weekend plans.

Michelle: I’m going to a wedding on Saturday.
Lindsay: How nice! Where is it?
Michelle: Well, the ceremony is in this beautiful garden but the reception is then after in a hotel.
Lindsay: Oh! Have fun!
Michelle: I went to a bridal shower a few months ago. The food was great so I’m expecting nothing less from the real soiree.
Lindsay: Sounds delicious!
Michelle: What are you up to this weekend?
Lindsay: Well, I’m attending a little soiree myself.
Michelle: Oh what? A birthday bash?
Lindsay: No, it’s actually a gala for my friend’s non-profit.
Michelle: Oh that’s great! Have fun!


Today’s episode has a lot of native and high-level English words.

Lindsay and Michelle shared great vocabulary to talk about parties.

Try it out in a conversation with a friend!

Make your discussion more vibrant and interesting.

Hopefully using new words helps you gain confidence in continuing to build good connections in English.

What are other words you hear to talk about a party?

Share one in the comment section below.

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