AEE 417: Don’t Be a Scaredy Cat! Use these 5 Phrases to Talk About Your Biggest Fears in English

talk about fears in English

What are you afraid of?

Do you know how to talk about your fears in English?

Halloween is coming up in just a few days!

Learn how to talk about your fears in English today.

Phrases to talk about what you’re afraid of:

  • “I have a fear of…”
  • “I am afraid of…”
  • “I am scared of…”
  • “I get really freaked out by…”
  • “I am terrified of….”


Write in the comments what your fear is.

What are you afraid of?

Let us know below.

Read more about fears.

Are you afraid of success??

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  • condensatore_alfa

    I am scared of walking on a bridge. Obviously, I don’t know why.

  • 1) I have a fear of seeing a dead body with only a skeleton .
    2) I am afraid of visiting a graveyard / tombstone alone .
    3) I am scared of touching a spider web .
    4) I get really freaked out by vampires , witches , draculas , ghosts , snakes … etc .
    5) I am terrified of Halloween parties and decorations .

    Mwahahaha !!!

  • Caoshuo

    I have a fear of snake and worm.
    I am afraid of having mistakes when i write English.
    I am scared of memorizing gre words.
    I get freaked out going abroad by myself.

  • hosein kazazi

    in Iran people like Halloween more than american people 😀

  • @hkazazi:disqus that’s interesting. why do you think that’s true?

  • @Caoshuo- nice examples!

  • @mollie_tai:disqus thanks Mollie

  • @mollie_tai:disqus- good sample sentences

  • @condensatore_alfa:disqus good example!

  • hosein kazazi

    Iranians usually prefer to join some unquiet and populated atmospheres as an excuse to forget their problems:)

  • Jhonny

    I also watched the movie IT. good and long movie by the way…

  • Josephine.Chin

    I have a fear of being a sale person.
    I am afraid of cockroach.
    I am scared of being yelling at by my customer.
    I get really freaked out by scream of kids.
    I am terrified of the gunman.

    Happy to practice with allearsenglish!