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You could be asked about travel on Speaking Part 1, 2 or 3 on the IELTS.

Five IELTS Vocabulary Words for Travel:

  • To get away: To escape, to go somewhere that is not your home. You can also use the noun “a getaway.” We might use this when we are tired of our day-to-day life and they need to get out and see something new.


  • To take the road less traveled: To do things differently and to think outside of the box.  This can be used on IELTS to talk about a time in your life where you made a choice that was not traditional.


  • To find a gem: When you find a place where only locals go and other tourists don’t visit. You can use this on Speaking Part 2 if you have to describe places you have traveled to.


  • To have wanderlust: To want to move around and see a lot of things around the world. To not want to stay in one place. You can also say “I had a bad case of wanderlust.”


  • To take a red eye: To take a night flight


Remember, the worst thing you could do on the IELTS is to sound like every other Band 6 student by using typical IELTS vocabulary.

Make sure you are using interesting and native vocabulary throughout the exam like the ones in today’s article.


What other native travel vocabulary do you know?

Share it below in the comments.

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