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Have you heard natives talk about some of their favorite movies in English conversations?

Do you ever wonder what the favorite holiday movies are in the US?

The holiday movies that people enjoy with their families are often classics, and they are something that natives like to talk about.

We’re going to look at four of the most popular Christmas movies that can be a great thing to watch, and then you can talk about them in your conversations.

This is a great way to connect and build a great conversation in English and in this episode you’re going to learn how to do it.

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Movies Are A Great Conversation Starter

During the holidays is a great time to strike up conversation with a native English speaker.

Talking about Christmas movies is a great topic to get the conversation going.

If you know which movies to talk about or which are popular, then you can be an active part of these conversations.

Some movies run on American TV channels all the time leading up to Christmas.

Movies tend to be a popular topic of conversation and a great way to connect–and this is particularly true for holiday movies.

This is a big part of pop culture and therefore a wonderful way to connect with natives through a wonderful conversation.

It’s up to you to initiate this conversation, and this helps you to be more confident and proactive in your approach.

Four Holiday Movies To Talk About

These four movies are so popular with Americans all over the country.

You can talk about these movies with just about any native that you talk to.

  1. Home Alone: This is more of a kids movie, but it’s a popular one with families in general. This is about the antics that a kid gets into when he is left home alone. He is left behind when his family goes to Paris for Christmas. As two robbers try to break into his house, he has so many tricks and antics that he uses which are really funny to watch. This is a bit of nostalgia because it’s set in the nineties, and people love to watch what it was like then. The songs and the quotes are a lot of fun to watch too. It’s a pretty popular tradition to watch this movie at the holidays, particularly with kids in the family.
  2. It’s A Wonderful Life: This is a classic and often one of natives very favorite movies of all times. It’s in black and white and it goes back years. It’s a movie that was often a tradition to watch with your family as a kid. You will find that many natives pass on watching this movie as a tradition with their own kids. It’s about a man who falls on hard times and he thinks the world would be a better place without him. He has an angel come to him to show him what life would be like without him–and it’s not at all better for anyone. It’s a great movie to watch and reflect upon, and it’s a wonderful tradition to enjoy this together as a family. This movie is very much a part of pop culture and natives love to talk about it.
  3. Love Actually: This is a more recent movie, but it has a great style. This follows multiple love stories throughout the movie, and so it’s something that many people enjoy. Even if you don’t love romance movies, this is such a great story line. There are multiple story lines you are following throughout and so it’s really interesting and fun to enjoy together. It’s a movie where you can really identify with the characters which is fun too. The acting is great, and all the story lines involve a chase scene. It’s a bit removed from actual life, but it’s a really great story and plot to watch.
  4. Miracle On 34th Street: This is another classic that families have enjoyed together for years. It’s been around for a long time, much like “It’s A Wonderful Life.” This is one that natives likely enjoyed as a kid, and then they pass this tradition on to their own families. It’s a black and white movie about a little girl who doesn’t believe in Santa. Then Santa comes and it’s a beautiful story line. This is a classic and really embraces what the season is all about. Kids and adults really enjoy this, so it’s a wonderful movie to enjoy as a family.

Write down some of the vocabulary here, as that can help you in your conversations in English.

Use some of the phrases, and start up a conversation about these movies with natives.

This is a great way to get the conversation going, and to connect on a fun level.


Movies are an excellent part of pop culture to connect with others about in conversation.

These Christmas movies are classics, and it is likely that most natives have seen them and love them.

Strike up a conversation with a native about these movies, and see how positive and wonderful it can be.

This is a really fun topic of conversation, and these movies are great to watch and enjoy as you embrace American culture at the same time.

Remember, if you are taking IELTS then movies are a Speaking question that might come up.

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If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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