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how to use and stuff at end of English sentences

Do you know how to use the phrase “and stuff” like a native speaker in English?

Today we’ll show you what it means and exactly how to use it when you have natural conversations with natives.

Listen to this role play:

  • A: So Michelle what did you do over the weekend?
  • B: Oh I went shopping and did some cooking and stuff, I had a great weekend.


What did “stuff” mean in the role play above?

It means ‘and other things.”

This is a very natural expression that natives use all of the time.

Today we have a question from a listener.

Dear Lindsay and Michelle,

This is Eka from Indonesia again. Thanks for answering my first question, and now I will ask you another question. I hope you won’t get bored with my question. My question is about how to use the expression ‘stuff’. When I have a convo with native speaker, I typically hear the expression ‘stuff’ spoken. But I think the expression ‘stuff’ in that context does not express the lexical meaning of ‘stuff’ itself. Well, here is the example of the expression ‘stuff’ that they use : “I talked to my boyfriend and we discussed about the relationship, the family and stuff. So what does it mean? I hear the expression ‘stuff’ a lot. It sounds super cool and I really want to use that expression but I’m kinda afraid to use it before getting the explanation about what the ‘stuff’ means.

Thanks 🙂

Have a good one!

warm regards,



To answer your question, we use “stuff” to imply that there is something more.

This sounds casual and natural.

There are other ways to say the same thing that are more formal.


Ways to imply that there is something more at the end of your sentence:

  • And stuff
    • In the fall I like to hike and go mountain biking and stuff.
  • And stuff like that
    • Around the holidays you should do nice things for others, volunteer and stuff like that.
  • Etcetera (Etc.)
    • I have so much to do. I gotta go grocery shopping, pick up the kids at school, etc, etc.
  • And things like that
    • I have a lot of antiques and things like that.


What other ways do you know to include something more at the end of the sentence?

Let us know in the comments below.

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