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how to study English

How can you respond quickly and stop repeating only what you hear?

How can we speak naturally in English without a delay?

How can you work at building fluency, speed, and spontaneity?

We’re going to look at how you can become a fluent English speaker without worrying about your response or hesitating.

Here’s a good question that helps to convey this very issue that many others wonder about.


I have a question–sometimes I feel like I have to repeat a sentence in my mind to make sure I understand it. I almost have to break it down like a text. I listen but want to be sure that I understand it.

How can I avoid this so that I can understand somebody faster?


We have a few suggestions for you today that will help you overcome this challenge.

It’s all about how you prepare for these conversations and how you study English.


3 Ways To Make English First In Your Mind

  1. Get transcripts of a podcast like this: While you listen be sure to read along. You are taking in the skills but also conversations that make sense to you. As you listen and read along, you are understanding how a conversation like this works in English. You focus on issues that matter to you, but you also work at building your fluency and comprehension too.
  2. Use the same material and only listen to one person and you act as the other person: You are role playing and acting as if you are part of the conversation. You are acting like you are participating in this conversation. It’s an activity that helps you to overcome the pauses and helps you to develop your own responses. Then the next level is to develop your own spontaneous response–which is about speed and fluency.
  3. Find a speaking partner: Could be another student, a teacher, or anyone. Come up with a list of questions and you force yourself to answer without any hesitation. These questions are great starting points that force you to work at responding with greater speed and spontaneity. “How often do you wear a hat?” is an example which forces you to be spontaneous and fluent in your responses.


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You Want To Feel and Come Off As Natural

You need to be clear and also spontaneous because then it doesn’t come across as rehearsed.

It’s all about fluency, which is responding with your own thoughts.

You need to build confidence so that you don’t get anxiety about these conversations.

You might just need something a little bit extra to push you to the next level.


You Want To Think and Speak This Language Naturally

You may suddenly realize that you are speaking English without even giving it a second thought.

You want to push English to the forefront of your brain–make it your first choice.

As you do this and make it more natural, then you will hesitate less and this will become your new normal.

You have to think in English and then you will respond in English.

It’s a change but it’s one that you will get used to and it will help to push you to that next level.



If you want to learn how to speak in this new language more naturally, you have to think in it as well.

You have to build confidence and make this your new normal way of speaking.

As you build confidence you will have less hesitation in your conversations.

You will soon see that this is more natural to you and that you are a better English speaker because you are putting time and effort into it.

This is how you take it to the next level and gain fluency in this new language too.


If you have a question, please leave it below in the comment section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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