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You need a variety of vocabulary to score 7 or higher on IELTS.

Today we share slang that can boost your IELTS vocabulary scores.

You’ll get explanations and examples for words we add “o” to.

This way, you’ll be ready to use this high-scoring vocabulary on test day!

Today’s question

Hi Aubrey! Ça va ? First of all, I think IELTS Energy TV is as awesome as AEE! You and Jess are so funny! J’ai une question pour toi! I was watching an episode of Young Sheldon the other day and here is the dialogue:

– Don’t be such a lame-o!

– I’m not a lame-o, I’m a fun-o.

– So you’re in?

– You betcha.

I got the context of the situation, but could you explain this “-o”? Where does it come from? Do you use it? Thanks!


Should you say “fun-o”?

Though we do add “o” to lame and say “lame-o,” we don’t add “o” to “fun.”

The conversation Mauro shared is a joke, adding “o” to a word we normally wouldn’t.

It implies that the opposite of “lame-o” would be “fun-o,” though we don’t actually say that.

For this reason, you shouldn’t say “fun-o” on IELTS.

However, there are many words you can add “o” to for higher vocabulary scores.

Adding “o” to words

We often add “o” to the ends of words in English.

This adds playfulness, making a word informal slang.

These words are used often in English and are perfect for IELTS Speaking.

However, you can’t add “o” to any word you want.

There are specific words this words for in English.

Today we’ll share these with examples.

#1: Lame-o

“Lame-o” is used as a noun, usually to refer to a person.

Whereas the adjective is “lame,” adding an “o” turns the word into a noun.

In this context, “lame” is slang meaning uncool or not fun.

The noun “lame-o” means a person that is uncool or not fun.

  • Don’t be a lame-o!
  • I may sound like a lame-o, but I don’t like staying out late.

#2: Weirdo

The adjective “weird” means strange or uncanny.

When an “o” is added, it becomes a noun, “weirdo.”

It is used to refer to a person as strange or bizarre.

  • I just finished a disturbing book where the main character was such a weirdo!
  • I may sound like a weirdo, but I don’t like pizza.

#3: Creep-o

The word “creep” is a noun meaning a person whose actions are creepy.

We add the “o” to soften this noun which is quite harsh and extreme.

  • I listened to a true crime podcast about a total creep-o.
  • It’s disturbing to read the news and know how many creep-os are out there!

#4: Wacko

The noun “wacko” comes from the adjective “wacky” which means strange and silly.

It is used to refer to a person as strange and silly.

  • I can’t believe he said that. What a wacko!
  • I know I sound like a wacko, but I don’t like surprise parties.

#5: Rando

The noun “rando” comes from the adjective “random.”

It is used to refer to a person as random in some way.

In most cases, it refers to a person being unknown or whose presence is unexpected.

  • A bunch of randos showed up to the party.
  • He thought I was just some rando until I introduced myself.

Boost your IELTS Speaking scores

These words are perfect for IELTS Speaking Part 1 and Part 2.

They could also be used on General Task 1 informal letters.

On these 3 parts of the exam, you need slang and informal vocabulary.

This slang helps achieve the variety of vocabulary required by the scoring system.


Today’s vocabulary is useful for describing yourself or others.

Slang like this provides variety that can raise IELTS vocabulary scores.

However, it is vital that you use these in the correct context.

Additionally, you can’t add “o” to just any word.

Practice using today’s vocabulary in sample speaking answers.

For more IELTS strategies, sign up for our online course 3 Keys IELTS.

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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