Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Today you’ll find out about two tricky false friends in English that will cause you to make mistakes with your English and confuse people you speak with.

You’ll learn about the difference between “sensible” and “sensitive” and as a bonus you’ll find out how to choose a romantic partner!

Here is the problem: the word “sensible” in Spanish and Portuguese means the same as “sensitive” in English.

But in English the word “sensible” means smart or logical.

It does not mean the same thing as “sensitive.”

The trouble words:

  • Sensible: Someone who thinks through things in a smart and logical way, to have a good head on one’s shoulders, to be logical, to be grounded, to be a planner
  • Sensitive: Emotional, a “softie,” you feel a lot, you have a lot of empathy, you wear your hear on your sleeve, to be in touch with your emotions

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How can you find the right life partner?

Would you rather date someone who is sensible or sensitive?

Listen to the episode to hear Lindsay’s and Michelle’s conversation about how to choose the ideal person.

Should it be someone who is more sensible or sensitive?

What do you think?

Which characteristic would you rather have in a partner?

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