AEE 1315: How To Go With the Flow in English

What do bridges and wind have in common? Both are parts of idioms that we use to describe flexibility. We’re going to learn how to talk about your flexibility, and why this is such an important part of conversation. Whether you’re flexible or not, knowing… Read More

AEE 1314: Do You Play It By Ear When You Travel?

Are you a flexible person? Have you ever considered this when you think about your travel style? Some people like to wait and see what happens and make decisions as they come. If you are one of those people who likes to make decisions in… Read More

AEE 1313: Get On Board with a Charity Challenge

Have you seen people throwing ice buckets over their heads? Today we talk about three of the biggest charity challenges that went global. There are so many different charities and causes out there, and you may want to figure out which one works best for… Read More

AEE 1312: The Great Nut Debate and How To Compare Your Preferences in English

A couple weeks ago, we did an episode where we talked about “nut” idioms. We’re going to do a follow up on this, and get into comparatives using nuts as the subject here. So if you are wondering how to say that you love something… Read More

AEE 1311: How to Express Your Passions in English So That People Love You

Are you a diehard fan of anything? Have you heard this phrase used in English and wondered about its meaning? Sometimes you feel very strongly or passionately about something that you like, and you want to express it. We’re going to look at the phrase… Read More