AEE 1409: Business English: What to Say When You’re Going Away

Do you struggle with how to let people know that you are going to be out of the office? Is this an aspect of business English that you need a little help with? If you are like most people then you may find that telling… Read More

AEE 1408: Good News or Bad News First? How to Frame Ideas in English

Have you ever had to deliver bad news to somebody? Have you ever asked do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first? This is a common scenario and one that you want to be prepared for because it comes up… Read More

AEE 1407: An Awfully Good Episode About Oxymorons in English

If you are like many students, you may wonder what an oxymoron is. This is such a fun thing to discuss and learn to use. Today we will discuss oxymorons and give you some really fun ones to use in your conversations. Once you understand… Read More

AEE 1406: How to Make Fun of Yourself in All Your Glory

Do you like Trevor Noah or comedians like him? He’s a popular one, and you might wonder why. Much of his comedy is based upon sarcasm and humor where he’s picking on himself. Today we’re going to look at this sort of sarcastic humor and… Read More