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On the IELTS Speaking test the best way to push your speaking score to a 7 or higher is to use idioms and phrasal verbs.

If you use these terms the examiner will be impressed and will most likely give you extra points in the vocabulary section.

Today we are going to show you some phrasal verbs with “get” that can be used to describe connections between people or relationships.

#1) To get over

When you are feeling sad about something you need to “get over it.”

This means that you need to stop feeling sad and move on.

#2) To get around

To avoid something.

With this phrasal verb you can say “there’s just no getting around it.”

This means there’s no way to avoid something.

You can also use this phrasal verb in the physical sense when you want to avoid an obstacle in the road or on the sidewalk.

Example: “There was something in the road but I got around it and kept going.”

#3) To get away

This means to escape or to take a vacation and go somewhere else.

Sample sentence: “My friend is busy in New York and it’s hard for him to get away”

#4) To get along with

To have a good relationship or connection with someone.

Sample: “Do you get along with your siblings?”

#5) To get across

To communicate an idea.

To make someone understand something.

Sample answer: “I was mad at my friend and it was hard for me to get across why I was angry.”

Choose two of these phrasal verbs and practice them.

Plan to use them on your IELTS Speaking test if you get questions about relationships or for any other questions where they might fit.

Phrasal verbs with “get” could work for a lot of speaking answers.

What other phrasal verbs do you know with “get”?

Let us know in the comments below.

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