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Today get 3 secrets to writing a cover letter that can win you the job in English.

Ed says that the cover letter is meant to be a bridge to the resume.

People usually put too much information in the cover letter.

They don’t appeal to the reader that way.

A cover letter is written like a newspaper article.

It has a lead, details, and a conclusion at the end.

Today Ed will tell us about this formula and how we can use it for job search success in English.

Remember, both the content and the visual look of the cover letter are important.

You need to direct people’s eyes to the important parts of the letter.

3 Tips for a Winning Cover Letter:

  • The hook: The cover letter is a tease to get them to read the resume. Your hook is your strongest selling point based on what the company needs or what the company does. Most people who write a cover letter do not write a proper hook.


  • Highlight a few of the most valuable points from your resume: Talk about specific accomplishments. Make it clear that you have delivered results. Make it a clear and understandable situation. Later you’ll expand on these points in little stories. Be as concrete as possible. Again, the point is to get them to read the resume.


  • Reach the right person with your materials: Start with someone you know in the company. If you don’t have that then try to get a referral to someone. It’s ok to ask for a referral if someone you know has a connection. The third priority is the hiring manager. Next you can try a top departmental or company executive. The last place you want to start is the HR department.


Don’t forget! The typical resume and cover letters get a 6-second review. You have to hook them and get them to move to the next step of the interview. Everything that you put into your resume or cover letter must move you forward as a candidate.


Ed’s Bio:

Hi, I’m Business English Ed. Communication is my expertise; Job Search and Business English are my specialties.

With over 35 years of business experience and 7 years teaching experience, I have  been helping people online since 2010, offering custom lessons designed to be relevant, valuable, and fun.

While most of my time is still spent working as a business consultant, I work with a limited number of highly motivated business professionals for a few hours a  week, with my focus being on the job search process and on general business English..

Why do I fit teaching in my schedule? Because I get great satisfaction helping people advance their careers. Because I am interested in languages. Because I like meeting people from other cultures and sharing experiences.

My business career has been spent in marketing and general management, in the industries of consumer products and services and software. I’ve worked in companies and as a consultant. I’ve worked for big international companies and small local ones. I’ve interviewed hundreds of people and had many job interviews myself.

I have degrees from top US universities: Yale, Stanford, and the National College of Education. I’m married, with two children, aged 21 and 15, and two dogs. I spend my free time with my family, playing with iPhone app programming, and studying Italian.


How to Work with Ed:

Step 1: Get $10 off your second lesson when you register here.

Step 2: Find Ed’s profile on italki: Click here


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