Jessica Beck
"Director of IELTS Training"

Live IELTS speaking tests are extremely helpful for anyone studying for IELTS!

Hearing real student answers and examiner feedback is invaluable.

It will give you a chance to find out what answers would score.

This will help you understand the scoring system.

Listen in for feedback on Mio’s real student answers!

Mio’s IELTS journey

Mio is planning to be an English teacher.

This is an amazing and exciting goal!

In order to do this, she needs to get high scores on IELTS.

She signed up for the 3 Keys IELTS online course to improve her scores.

She scored 5.5 on the Speaking exam and knew she needed strategies!

IELTS Part 2 question

Jessica first asks Mio an IELTS Part 2 question.

Remember that your answer for these must be 2 minutes!

Describe an advertisement that made you want to buy something.

Mio describes seeing an ad for ice cream.

  • hounded: pestered, bothered
  • impulse shopping: buying something on impulse

IELTS Part 3 questions

Your Part 2 and Part 3 questions will be related.

Listen to the questions Jessica asks.

This will help you be ready for your exam on test day.

We’ve been talking about an advertisement that made you want to buy something and now I’d like to ask you one or two more general questions related to this.

Let’s consider, first of all, popular advertising.

In your country, what are the most popular types of advertisements?

After Mio’s answer, Jessica asks another Part 3 question.

Why do you think that celebrities are often used in advertisements these days?

Let’s move on to talk about advertising and children. Do you think advertisements aimed at children are harmful?

What would your feedback be?

Before you hear Jessica’s feedback, think about what feedback you would give.

It’s vital to be aware of the scoring system.

You need to know what the Examiner is listening for.

  • Fluency/Coherence
  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar

When listening to sample IELTS Speaking answers, think about these scores.

What score would you give Mio?

Now compare Jessica’s feedback to yours.

Be ready for interruptions

Jessica first points out how well Mio did when the Examiner interrupted.

If an answer is too long, the Examiner might say, “Thank you” in order to ask the next question.

Be ready for this!

Do not let it throw you off or make you nervous.

Practice with another person

Mio felt nervous and she feels it affected her performance.

She has not had a lot of practice being interviewed.

It is extremely helpful to have another person ask you IELTS Speaking questions before test day.

This way it won’t feel so foreign.

It will boost your confidence and help you not be so nervous during your exam.

Strategies Created By a Former Examiner

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Why did Mio score a 7?

As a disclaimer, this was only Speaking Parts 2 and 3.

Without Part 1, we can’t give an accurate score.

However, for the questions she answers Mio scored a 7.

Jessica shares details for each score.

#1: Fluency/Coherence

For Fluency/Coherence this score was improved dramatically in Part 3.

In Part 2, a better-organized, more detailed answer is needed.

Just after a minute, Mio ran out of things to say.

She felt she derailed from the topic.

Jessica points out that you can go off-topic, but it must be organized with transition phrases.

Also, you don’t want to run out of things to say!

Before, during and after strategy

A great way to add more detail is to share what happened before, during and after.

I was working online, scrolling through social media minding my own business when, suddenly, this bright shiny advertisement popped up on the screen!

What happened during?

Give details about the actual advertisements.

Share what it looked like and how it grabbed your attention!

If you still have time, you can then share what you did after.

I got up and ran to 7-11 and bought some chocolate ice cream immediately!

Share plenty of details about who, what, when, where, why and how.

In Part 3 Mio used some great transition phrases.

  • I firmly believe that
  • For example

Strategy for improving Vocabulary

Mio used a lot of great vocabulary.

However, she had quite a few mistakes.

Use the phrase ‘one time.’

Actually, one time I saw Emma Watson using a specific perfume.

  • Mistakes: strawberry crumbs, snowboard players, on that spot

Jessica shares that ‘crumbs’ is used for crumbly food like bread and cookies.

It can’t be used about ice cream.

Instead of ‘snowboard players,’ we just say ‘snowboarders.’

The phrase ‘on the spot’ must be used word-for-word.

When should you take risks?

Jessica mentions that you shouldn’t take risks on test day.

Mio asks for clarification on this.

Jessica shares that Mio knows enough good vocabulary to score 7 or 8.

You must trust yourself!

If you’re reaching and trying to use words just for the sake of using them, you’ll end up making mistakes.

Use the words that come to mind as you think of your answer.

Don’t let it throw you off to try extremely hard vocabulary you’re not familiar enough with.


Use Mio’s sample answers to improve your own IELTS Speaking scores!

Once you hear Jessica’s feedback, go back and listen to Mio’s answers again.

This will help you understand why she received these scores.

Then answer these questions yourself!

Meet up with a speaking partner to do mock tests with.

This will help you be prepared for test day!

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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