AEE 1111: Parenting and Learning English- What Do They Have in Common?

Have you had a baby or know somebody close to you that has had a baby? Have you ever seen the challenges that come with being a new parent? Have you ever considered that these challenges may actually be similar to learning a new language?… Read More

AEE 1110: Have You Lost Weight? How to Approach This Touchy Situation in English

Have you ever seen somebody who has lost a lot of weight? Have you wanted to say something but felt unsure of what to say in English? Do you want to compliment them without offending them? Weight loss is a touchy and complex issue in… Read More

AEE 1109: The Grilled Cheese Is Divine

Do you know how to make food recommendations in a non-textbook way in English? Many textbooks or beginner English classes will teach you a simple way of recommending foods but we want to take you to the next level today. Today we answer a question… Read More

AEE 1108: Feeling Sluggish? How to Express It in English

Do you feel lazy in the winter? Would you like to know how to express this to someone who wants to invite you out to do something? Today find out how to express that you’re feeling tired but still maintain the connection. Here is a… Read More

AEE 1107: It’s Just My Two Cents- How to Give Your Unsolicited Opinion in English

Do you find it hard to express your opinion about touchy situations in English? Do you want to offer your opinion in English but worry about upsetting people? Do you wish you had the right things to say when you have something important to offer… Read More