English pronunciation word often

AEE 1010: Are You Pronouncing “Often” Correctly? Find Out Today

Do you ever hear the word “often” being pronounced differently by native speakers in English? Does it ever feel as if there are some words that are said in two different ways? If you feel like there are words that you simply aren’t sure of… Read More

hooked on something

AEE 1009: Three Ways to Talk About Obsessions in English

Are you hooked on something? Do you ever hear people say that they are “obsessed” with something in English? Do you hear other phrases that speak to being obsessed that you don’t quite understand? There are three phrases in English that speak to being obsessed… Read More

How to use I miss you in English

AEE 1008: Is It Okay to Say “I Miss You” to a Teacher?

 Are there things that you miss in your life? Have you heard somebody talk about missing somebody or someone in English? Do you ever wonder if you are okay to tell somebody that you miss them? We’re going to look at when and how to… Read More

AEE 1007: A Big (Little) Announcement that You Don’t Want to Miss

Do you know of anybody that is pregnant? Do you want to say the right thing to them but feel unsure of what to say? Are you looking for the right phrases to share your excitement to say in English? We’re going to look at… Read More

AEE 1006: How to Approach This Connection Topic in English

Have you heard somebody use the word “nurture” in conversation? Have you ever heard somebody say the phrase “nature vs. nurture” in English? This is one of those phrases that can be tough to understand, but practicing its use can get you used to it…. Read More