AEE 1231: Bees Are Busy and So Are You– How to Talk About it in English

Have you been very busy lately? Do you notice that people talk about how busy they are often in English? This may be a cultural thing, but it seems that everyone is busy these days. Talking about how busy you are has become a very… Read More

AEE 1229: Your Ears Are Burning! We’re Talking About You

Have you ever had a chance meeting with somebody that you didn’t expect to see? How you greet somebody when you see them is important, particularly when you didn’t expect to see them. We’re going to talk about some of the phrases that you would… Read More

AEE 1226: Professor? Miss? Teacher? What to Call Your Teacher in English

When you were growing up what did you call your teachers? Have you ever called a teacher by their first name? Do you ever find yourself feeling confused as to what you should call a teacher in English? We’re going to talk about how you… Read More

AEE 1224: Is That Bar Jam Packed? How to Talk About Crowded and Empty Spaces

Have you been to a place that is really crowded? On the other end of it, have you been somewhere that is completely empty? Talking about how crowded or empty a place is comes up often in conversation. We’re going to show you how to… Read More