AEE Bonus: Free Webclass- Find Your English Personality

Do you ever feel that you cannot be your true self in English? Would you like to be able to express yourself authentically in English? Not sure how to do it? You are invited to our free live webclass! The free webclass is happening Monday… Read More

AEE 1086: Would You Rather Eat Cookies or Ice Cream?

Have you heard people use the word “rather” in English? Does this sound a bit confusing because you’re unsure of what this is used for? It may feel like one of those words that has a distinct place in conversation. We’re going to talk about… Read More

AEE 1084: How to Shorten and Lengthen Your Small Talk in English As Needed

Do you like it when Baristas make small talk with you? Do you appreciate it when your waiter or waitress strikes up a conversation? If you end up in a conversation with someone at a bar or cafe, how can you keep the small talk… Read More

AEE 1081: Go Out on a Limb in 2019

Have you ever heard somebody say that they’re “going out on a limb”? Have you ever tried to put yourself out there and try something new? Does the New Year seem like a big deal to those in the US? If you have ever wondered… Read More

AEE 1080: One Word to Make Your English Conversations Flow

Do you often hear people use the word “then” in conversation? Do you feel like it has multiple uses in English? If you hear it at the end of a sentence, it may have yet another meaning. We’re going to help you to understand how… Read More