Aubrey Carter
"3 Keys IELTS Certified Coach"

Even though Livia is an English teacher, she was scoring 5 on IELTS Writing.

She knew she needed strategies.

You may be in a similar situation, stuck with a low writing score.

Find out today what Livia did to conquer IELTS and score an overall 8.

This episode will inspire you to stay motivated with your IELTS study!

You can get the score you need and move on with your dreams!

Livia’s IELTS journey

Livia teaches English to lawyers and business professionals in Brazil.

She wants to apply for a Canadian visa.

She just got amazing scores on IELTS.

She had 2 goals.

  • Personal goal: Overall 8
  • Score she needed: Overall 6

She had a goal to get a 7 for Speaking, but she scored 8.5.

Why did Livia join 3 Keys IELTS?

She was not sure she could score a 6 on Writing.

After asking a colleague to provide feedback on an essay, she scored a 5.

Additionally, she didn’t know what she would score on Speaking.

Though she speaks well, there was a lot she didn’t know.

She needed advice about timing and tone needed.

She needed strategies!

Why was she scoring a 5 on Writing?

She had one statement, and then all her paragraphs were opposing that statement.

The question was asking if the government should regulate media.

She provided a thesis statement that government should not.

However, her supporting details were that government should control media.

She did not know how to brainstorm and was writing her thoughts as they came to her.

When students don’t know what the Examiner is looking for, it’s easy to score a 5.

There’s so much specific to the exam that you need to know!

Strategies Created by a Former IELTS Examiner

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How did she improve her Writing score?

She completed the 3 Keys Writing module and learned strategies.

In addition, she had 1-on-1 Personal Coach classes with us.

She also received email essay feedback.

These tools helped her discover how to write a high-scoring essay.

Many students need feedback in order to apply strategies.

What other advice does Livia share?

She highly recommends the 30-day study plan in 3 Keys IELTS.

It is well-structured, and every activity was useful and effective.

She did not have a lot of time, so it was vital to have her time planned out and managed.

She also recommends that you “live in English.”

  • Change your phone settings to English
  • Listen to the news in English
  • Subscribe to websites that will send you emails in English
  • Read newspapers in English
  • Ask your family and friends to speak to you in English

This is the best way to create English immersion for yourself.

Speaking strategies that earned Livia an 8.5

She imagined her Examiner as a friend in a cafe.

This helped keep her anxiety low.

Don’t think of them as judging you or scoring you.

Think of them as a friend asking you interesting questions about your life.

She practiced answering questions without rambling at length.

It is incredibly important that you don’t repeat ideas.

This helped her conserve energy and excitement for Part 3.

She also realized how important it was to be informal in Part 1.

Smile and use hand gestures!

If you are enjoying the experience, you will sound more native and natural.

Livia’s advice for Reading and Listening exams

Be an active reader and listener.

Engage with the text, by summarizing out loud.

She suggests creating a debate with yourself or a friend.

Argue for both sides of an issue, out loud and in writing.

Be prepared for accents!

Her Listening exam had a lot of audio with New Zealand and Australian accents.

Listen to a variety of resources, such as television shows and podcasts with different accents in English.


Livia is moving on with her goals and dreams.

She is completing the steps of getting a Canadian visa.

IELTS is not the final step!

You need to get the score you need so you can accomplish your dreams!

To do this, you need strategies!

Sign up for our IELTS course, 3 Keys IELTS!

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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