Jessica Beck
"Director of IELTS Training"

Today you’ll meet Taru, last month’s Writing Wizard winner.

We’ll solve her writing challenges today.

You’ll also learn her process for using high level vocabulary.

She is a student in our 3 Keys IELTS course.

Last month, she sent in the highest-scoring essay.

Taru’s background

Taru is originally from Finland.

At the moment, she lives in New Zealand.

She is working as a nurse there.

She needs to pass IELTS to complete her registration.

As you can imagine, she’s excited to get her scores and accomplish her goals.

Taru’s IELTS journey

She took the IELTS exam 3 years ago.

She needed a 7 on each band.

She took the exam twice and reached her goal.

However, due to Covid, she wasn’t able to move to New Zealand.

Unfortunately, the 2 years lapsed that her IELTS results were valid.

She now has to retake the exam.

Unfortunately, she is stuck at a 6.5 on writing.

How Taru can improve her IELTS Writing score

She needs to get more specific with her ideas.

Many students have a tendency to repeat ideas, clarify and paraphrase.

This keeps us from building on the argument and moving it forward.

Every sentence must provide new and necessary information.

To practice this, get 10 Task 2 questions and just brainstorm them.

Exercise that muscle of coming up with specific ideas and supporting details.

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Impressive vocabulary

Taru was able to paraphrase the topic in a very high-level way.

The topic was about

“Hence, the number of offenses is surging significantly without restrictions.”

Through the 3 Keys Writing module, she discovered the need to use high level parallels to boost her writing skills.

Steps Taru took to improve her vocabulary

First, she writes the essay.

Then, she looks back at her essay and replaces common words with higher level synonyms.

It is wise to just get ideas out while writing.

Make sure each idea builds, rather than focusing on vocabulary.

She keeps a vocabulary notebook that she keeps in front of her while she’s writing.

As she’s writing practice essays, she uses the higher band synonyms.

The power of templates

3 Keys templates gave Taru a powerful tool for essay structure.

They give her a framework and all she has to do is add her ideas.

These save her so much time!

Templates can be memorized word for word.

Vocabulary and grammar scores are strengthened, as they contain high-scoring words and grammar structures.

We provide templates for each type of essay, so you are ready for test day!

How is she preparing for Task 1?

The writing module in 3 Keys IELTS helped her clarify what types of essays to prepare for.

She began to realize that very different vocabulary and organization is needed depending on the topic.

She now understands the difference between static and change over time essays.

It’s clear to her how to divide information for a high-scoring essay.

She now knows how to write an accurate and concise overall trend.

What advice does Taru have for improving IELTS Reading scores?

She realized that she doesn’t need to understand every word.

Much more important is having strategies!

She also has prioritized improving her overall English.

She reads a lot and recognizes how much that improves vocabulary and spelling.


Taru recognized she needed strategies to improve her writing score.

You are likely in the same boat!

So many of our students come to us stuck with low writing scores.

Once Taru signed up for 3 Keys IELTS she had the strategies and templates she needed.

This allowed her to write the winning Writing Wizard essay this month!

Don’t waste time and money taking the IELTS exam again and again!

Sign up for a system that can give you the strategies you need.

Get into 3 Keys IELTS!

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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