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In today’s episode learn three questions to ask creatives and get inspired by Ammar Sabban.

Ammar was in Sesame Street in Saudi Arabia among many other amazing achievements.

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Sesame Street worldwide

This is a very special episode because of today’s guest, Ammar Sabban.

He was in the Arabic version of Sesame Street.

Sesame Street has a lot of versions around the world.

He was part of two seasons in Saudi Arabia.

Ammar shares that Sesame Street was a special project for him because it was great to learn through imagination, comedy, and fantastic characters.

He grew up with Sesame Street as well.

It was great to be part of this legacy and was the highlight of his life.

Ammar’s achievements

He has many other notable achievements like directing and writing episodes for Sesame Street and other cartoon shows.

Ammar is very grateful to have these opportunities.

He is an architect but he abandoned that to be part of the entertainment business.

At one point he considered going get a Master’s in Filmmaking or Puppetry at the University of Connecticut.

But his mentor, Mardi Robinson, told him that he doesn’t need to get a piece of paper to know he is accomplished.

He is already learning so much on the job.

He can keep doing what he is doing and soak in all the learning.

  • soak it all in: to observe and absorb all the information or what is happening around you.

In 2015, Ammar started the first podcast network in Saudi Arabia.

They were inspired by the American podcast ‘The Nerdist.’

Questions to ask an artist

The purpose of this episode is to encourage everyone to start conversations with creative people.

It is great to talk to people that inspire you.

Here are questions you can ask an artist or creatives:

#1: What are you working on these days?

This is a great question to ask a creative because they will be so happy to share about a project they are focused on.

They will be very interested to talk about the details of what they are focused on.

Ammar is working on a children’s picture book entitled “Planet Number 3.”

The story is about two aliens who landed on Earth and explored the planet.

The purpose of this book is to share about our world with fresh eyes for children.

On the side, Ammar is also a producer and creative director.

He even has another podcast called ‘Let’s Talk Saudi.’

#2: What are you into right now?

This can be a question about TV Shows, books, or other materials that inspire them.

It is great to know things that spark their imagination and creativity.

Ammar is not watching anything current right now.

He has a hard time answering this because everything he is interested in as a hobby, he is already doing at work.

He does find philosophy interesting.

Jessica is also into philosophy and stoicism in particular.

She recommends the podcast ‘Philosophize.’

Ammar shares that any type of subject is interesting for him.

Nothing is really off the table if you want to expand your mind.

#3: What is your advice…?

When you feel stuck creatively, it’s great to ask an artist what advice they would give you.

If you have failed at something, you can also ask an experienced creative person what they can share to enlighten you.

Ammar shared a time that someone pointed out that he was spreading himself too thin.

  • spread too thin: trying to do too much at once

He was advised to focus on a main goal and not do everything at the same time.

You should have a timeline set to reach the goal you want to achieve.

This will help to keep everything in perspective.

It will always be best to hear advice from someone who is doing the same thing you are trying to do.


Keep the ultimate goal of learning in mind.

You can be creative to reach your goal but don’t lose sight of why you’re doing what you are doing.

To stay on track, it is also best to surround yourself with creative people who can inspire you.

Start a conversation with them today and pick their brain on what can be helpful for you in your creative journey.

What other question would you ask an artist or creative person?

Share it in the comments below.

Ammar’s bio

Ammar Aidaros Sabban is a Saudi Arabian Puppeteer, Voice Actor, Podcaster & Writer. He is known for the Iftah Ya Simsim Show (Arabic Middle Eastern version of Sesame Street) where he plays Gargour (Arabic Grover), Kaaki (Arabic Cookie Monster), Badr (Arabic Bert), and Addad (Arabic Count Von Count). For more information about Ammar and his projects, visit his Instagram @thirtiwoan.

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