Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you like to host parties?

In today’s episode, Lindsay and Michelle share their hosting styles.

They also share five easy English phrases for you to use and make your guests feel welcome at your next dinner party.

Hosting Parties at Home

Lindsay just moved into a new house and Michelle asked if she plans to host parties and inviting guests.

Lindsay hasn’t thought of it that much but if she did host a party, it would be for a small group of people.

She mainly thinks of daily life at home in general and hosting dinner parties is secondary.

Michelle asks Lindsay if she likes hosting dinner parties.

Lindsay doesn’t cook but will order food and put out plates and serve them.

She would rather invite people to come to her home than go out and attend parties. It’s nice to have loved ones over in your safe space.

This weekend Lindsay will have family over and they will bring their dogs.

They missed celebrating together during the holidays, so they’ll make up for it this weekend.

Michelle doesn’t cook as well and also prefers hosting a smaller group.

She had a party in her apartment when they had just moved in five years ago.

They had 15 people over and it wasn’t easy to deal with.

She may look into hosting a bigger party if she gets her own house some day in the future.

What Makes A Good Host in Parties?

According to Lindsay, a good host of house parties anticipates the needs of others.

In addition to that, they should have good social skills.

This is best for bringing people together. When you host house parties, you are inviting people who don’t necessarily know each other.

Michelle mentions that you should be calm under pressure. It takes patience when you are mixing groups.

Lindsay hasn’t hosted a party for bigger groups.

She asks Michelle about her experience in doing that.

Michelle says it’s difficult.

On top of socializing, you have to think about the food preparation and the cleaning afterwards.

It will be a while before she does something like that again.

Michelle shares that her sister-in-law is a great host. She loves cooking and baking.

She also has a wonderful kitchen.

There are people who really enjoy hosting gatherings.

They get excited preparing meals, bringing guests together, and basically creating happy memories with friends and family.

Things You Can Say To Be A Good Host

There are English phrases you can say when you are hosting a house party.

Here are what you can say so that your guests feel a positive and warm feeling when they arrive.

  • Take a Load off

Lindsay says this means to take the weight off and sit down.

Your guests have travelled to your home, and it would be nice for them to rest a little before socializing with other guests.

  • Make yourself at home

This is a common useful cliché as per Lindsay.

Michelle agrees and recommends saying this so your guests feel at home and get comfortable.

  • Put your feet up

Michelle says this is another good way for you to make your guests relaxed.

They can sit down and be themselves while they wait for you to finish preparing for the party.

  • Take it easy

Michelle shares that you can say this to a guest who asks how they can help you with the preparations.

For Lindsay, this can also be used in a different context to tell someone to back down or calm down.

Be careful with the intonation because if they are genuinely trying to help it and you say it in an angry way it will sound like you’re annoyed with them.

  • Sit back/kick back and relax

Telling someone to sit back and relax is a way of suggesting to your guests to feel calm.

For Michelle, when she hears this, she has an image of a comfy couch where you can just recline and relax.

When you are hosting people, you want them to feel comfortable and good in your own home.

Hosting Styles

Michelle and Lindsay don’t have a specific hosting style.

One day, Michelle wants to have a special hosting style.

She would like to be similar to her sister-in-law who has her own signature chocolate chip cake that guests look forward to tasting.

It’s delicious and is often requested at dinner parties.

Lindsay shares that it’s alright to not have their own hosting styles yet because they’re both finding their footing in this.

Lindsay shares that in 1955, women used to aim to get married and host a lot of dinner parties.

We’ve come a long way since then and there is no pressure for women to cook and be good hostesses of their homes.


Lindsay and Michelle share how you can use these useful phrases in a conversation when you are hosting house parties.

Take notes and try and practice them yourself.

Situation: Michelle is visiting Lindsay and staying at her place for a few days

Michelle: Thanks so much for letting me stay.

Lindsay: It’s my pleasure! Now sit back and relax. You’ve had a long trip. Take it easy!

Michelle: Oh man thank you so much.

Lindsay: Of course. Put your feet up. Want something to drink?

Michelle: Sure! I can get it.

Lindsay: No no no. Take a load off.

Michelle: Wow thanks! I’ll take a water.

Lindsay: Now I’m just going to get that and some snacks I’ve made. I’ll be right back. Make yourself at home!


It’s fun to gather people together in your home and host a party.

Try out the English phrases Michelle and Lindsay shared in today’s episode to show you are excited to host and really want to take charge. Make your guests know you want them to be comfortable.

Use them to make people feel at ease and happy when they stay with you.

Try out one of the five phrases and share it in the comments down below.

We’d love to hear creative ways you can say them to your guests.

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