native English speakers

AEE Bonus: Native Speaker Interview with Alison! Why a Safe Space Matters for Language Learning

Today we have a fun interview with Alison who is a native speaker in our Urban Immersion Adventure program. Find out why a safe space is crucial for moving your English up to the next level. In our Urban Immersion Adventure Program, you spend at… Read More

common English pronunciation problems

AEE 903: The #1 Shortcut to Solving Your Biggest Pronunciation Problem with Alex

Do you get frustrated when it comes to English pronunciation? Are you still making mistakes when you pronounce past tense of words like “work” and “try”? Today we have Alex on the show and he will show us how to finally conquer your lingering pronunciation… Read More

Rachel's English natural pronunciation

AEE 898: 4 Steps to Natural English Pronunciation with Rachel

Today we have Rachel Smith on the show from Rachel’s English. She’ll take you through her 4-step system to build your natural English pronunciation skills independently. Rachel used to be an opera singer in New York City so she has a special perspective on the… Read More

how to become an awesome presenter in English

AEE 895: How Charlie Became an Awesome Presenter in English and How You Can Do It Too

Do you get scared when you have to give presentations in English? Would you like to be finally be able to present well and not get stressed out about it? Today we have a guest on the show! Today we hear the story about how… Read More

AEE 891: 3 Ways to Drive Your Audience Crazy in a Presentation and How to Avoid Them with Mary Melissa

There are three things that will immediately make you lose the attention of your audience in a presentation. Today learn about three ways to drive your audience crazy and how to avoid doing these things so that you can be sure that your presentation will… Read More