AEE Bonus: How Ayano Prepared for English and Life in New York City

Today we have a special guest episode with Ayano. Ayano joined the Native English Power Weekend in 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. Ayano is on the podcast today to talk about how the program helped her get ready for her new life in New York City…. Read More

AEE Bonus: How Hitoko Added Natural Expressions to Her English in Tokyo

Today we have Hitoko on the podcast! Hitoko participated in the Native English Power Weekend in Tokyo in 2018. She came on the podcast today to talk about her experience in the program and how it helped her. Hitoko traveled from her hometown of Kobe… Read More

AEE Bonus: Yumiko’s Immersion Story- How to Get Confident in English

Today you’ll meet our special guest Yumiko who was a participant in our Native English Power Weekend last year in Japan. You’ll find out how the program made her confident while speaking with native speakers. Last week we interviewed Akiko about her experience in the… Read More

AEE Bonus: How Akiko Created a Positive Pattern of Improvement in Her Life

Today we have a special guest interview! Congratulations to Akiko for being featured on today’s episode! Akiko joined our Tokyo Power Immersion Weekend in April 2018. Go here now to grab your ticket for 2019. She joined because she wanted to feel more calm and… Read More

AEE 912: Why Making Mistakes Alongside Native Speakers Is the Key to Confidence with Kaitrin

What is the key to getting more fluent and confident in English? The secret is that you have to be okay with making mistakes while you are speaking with natives? Why? Natives make mistakes too! It’s about Connection NOT Perfection!   Meet the native speakers!… Read More