IELTS Energy 898: Celebratory IELTS Answers for Tricky Part 3 Questions

On IELTS, talking about your country and culture in English can be tough! Today you learn how to discuss national holidays in Speaking Part 3. You’ll also hear our native 4th of July answers. This is our national independence day. There is a good chance… Read More

IELTS Energy 897: Make IELTS Your Business With Today’s Listening Section 3 Practice

Tune in today for tips and tricks for Listening Section 3. This is practice for the most difficult question type! Section 3 is more academic topics and can be quite boring. These have 2 or more speakers. When there are 3 speakers, it’s even harder… Read More

IELTS Energy 896: This Too Shall Help You Pass IELTS

Surprisingly, there are many places where vocabulary about solving problems may be useful on IELTS. Get some comforting words today while raising your Vocabulary scores. One of our students asked about a Speaking Part 2 question they had on the IELTS exam. Describe a great… Read More