Should you be honest on IELTS Speaking if you’re asked about something you don’t like or care about?

Yes, you should!

In today’s episode we share why this will get you higher scores.

Today we share band 9 slang vocabulary to use to describe what you don’t like!

With today’s tips you’ll be ready to score 7+ on test day.

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How to use unfamiliar vocabulary

You must learn it in context!

It’s vital that you learn new words in model sentences.

You must also learn the situations they’d be used in.

  • How formal is it?
  • When would it be appropriate?

You can’t just use synonyms from the thesaurus.

They might be exclusively appropriate for a totally different context!

#1: Whoop de doo

This means ‘yay’ but in a sarcastic way.

It’s used to express that you’re not impressed something.

Use it to describe something specific that you don’t like or don’t care about.

I honestly don’t like watching sports.

Watching twelve sweaty men run around? Whoop de doo!

We often use it sarcastically like this.

If I’m watching sports with my family, I always think, ‘Whoop de doo!’

#2: Big whoop

This is similar to ‘whoop de doo’ and is said to express that you’re not impressed.

It means the same, as ‘big deal’ which we also use sarcastically.

When we say ‘big deal’ with sarcastic intonation, we mean something is NOT a big deal.

It’s not important or impressive.

If someone gets a new car and you want to make a joke that it’s not impressive:

I see you got a fancy new car. Big whoop!

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Where to use this on IELTS

You are often asked about materialism

  • Cars
  • Money
  • Purchases
  • Shopping

Do people spend a lot of money on weddings where you’re from?

Slip some slang in there!

Yes! People spend so much on weddings and I don’t get it!

Spend $2,000 on a dress? Big whoop, you have a dress!

#3: La de da

We also use this to say we’re not impressed about something.

It expresses that you don’t care.

Use it if you’re asked about parties or events

No one has ever thrown a party for me, but la de da I don’t care!

Additionally, we use it to express something is unneccessarily fancy or overpriced.

My best friend spends so much money on name brand items.

Gucci handbags and Louis Vuitton shoes.

She’s very la de da about her fashion!

#4: Don’t give two hoots

  • hoot: the sound an owl makes

‘Give a hoot’ means to care.

To not give two hoots is an idiom for not caring.

On Speaking Part 1, use this anytime you’re asked about something you don’t care about.

  • Shopping
  • Sports
  • Museums
  • Art
  • Documentaries

I don’t give two hoots about documentaries. I never watch them!

#5: No skin off my nose

This means it’s not a problem or a bother.

If someone asks you a favor, you could respond with that.

It’s not a problem. It’s no skin off my nose!

This would be great for Part 2 when describing a favor you did for someone.

I threw a fun surprise party for my friend and it was no skin off my nose!


There are many band 9 vocabulary words, phrases and idioms for expressing you don’t care!

If you’re asked about something on IELTS you don’t like or don’t care about, be honest.

It will be harder to make up details about liking something you don’t.

Instead, use high level native slang and idioms and share that you don’t care!

Today’s vocabulary is perfect for IELTS Speaking and General Writing Task 1 letters.

Practice using it so you’re ready for test day!

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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