Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you find it difficult to tell if somebody is trying to be sincere in English?

Do you find that sincerity is becoming a lost character trait?

Do you want to sometimes show sincerity or impact in English conversations but feel unsure of how to do that?

With sarcasm being such a big deal it’s hard to find sincere moments with people.

We’re going to show you some words and phrases that help people to see you are sincere and really make an impact in a conversation.

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We have a question that really provides a great example of this.

Hi Lindsay, thanks for answering.

I’ll keep sending you questions, for sure! By the way, I have a question right now, so here it goes. I was watching a TV series and there was a conversation between a guy and his sister who was really sick, and then he said something like “I hope you get better soon, I mean it”.

I could understand this expression because of the Portuguese subtitles. It basically means that what he said was true, he really wanted his sister to be better soon, right? So, is there any other way to say this–like any other variation? Is there another context on which we can use this expression?

It’d be great if you could give some examples to help clarify this. Ihope you can answer this on the show.

– Vanessa

It’s All About Intent and Sentiment

When you look at this example, it really all boils down to sincerity.

When you think about it and look at it, ” I mean it” is an expression which shows sincerity.

This one phrase shows that you are being true and not kidding around– that you are serious.

So the first and most common use for this phrase is to show sincerity or to really drive a point home.

Multiple Uses For This One Simple Phrase

Sometimes this phrase can be used in a variety of different ways.

Yes you tend to use it the most for sincerity and to really show somebody that you care or are passionate about what you are saying.

It can be used in other ways though, and those are important to understand and recognize.

For example, if someone thinks you are joking or if you are expressing a true emotion like anger.

  • Joking: Saying “I mean it” can actually help you to convey a joke. It’s the exact opposite of using it for emphasis. You may say this to show that you are joking or saying something that isn’t serious. It may be something completely outlandish and so this is an aspect of sarcasm. “I’ve never run a day in my life but I’m running a marathon next week–I mean it!”
  • Anger:  This can be used to emphasize a point and really show that you mean business. It can show that you are angry about something or that what somebody is doing is making you mad. This is the type of use that tells people to back off because you are not going to be happy if things continue in this way. You might often hear a parent say this to a child too. “It’s time to get off of your tablet or else you will have it taken away–I mean it!”
  • Used In The Form of a Question: This phrase may be used for emphasis such as to say “really?”. It’s as if you are asking somebody if they really mean what they are saying and you want them to reiterate it. This may be used if you are in disbelief and you need a bit of reassurance. “I’m sending you some chocolate chip cookies. Do you mean it?”

How Else Can You Show Sincerity?

This is just one phrase, although it is one that is used quite often.

When it comes to showing sincerity, you may also wish to use some other phrases.

The point of any of these phrases is to show sincerity and reiterate what is happening or what is being said or done.

What else can you say to show you are sincere?

  • Truly – This tends to be a little more formal in conversations. It does drive the point home, but it may be used professionally or in a more formal setting somehow. This one word however shows sincerity and emphasizes what you are saying.
  • Honestly–This is a little bit more formal, but nice sounding. Both of these words can be used interchangeably to help drive a point home. It helps to make the person feel comfortable and shows sincerity in a really nice way.
  • Wholeheartedly– This is actually used a lot. It’s another word to help show sincerity or impact, and it works well in most sentences. You might say “I wholeheartedly agree”.

Any of these words are a great alternate to saying “I mean it”–so try them out and see what feels natural to you.

Remember that any of these options are used to show sincerity or impact, and they can work quite well in conversations.


There comes a time in conversations when you want to show sincerity.

Using “I mean it” is an excellent way to do just that, and it works well in a number of ways.

Try using this in conversations and see how it creates a certain reaction or impact.

Know the different uses for it, the alternatives to saying the same thing, and see how this creates the reaction you are looking for in conversations.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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