how to deliver a good speech in English

AEE 986: How to Deliver a Speech Like Michelle Obama

Do you have a fear of speaking in public? Have you ever heard that more people are afraid of public speaking than death? Do you worry about public speaking, particularly in English? If you have this fear, you are definitely not alone. We’re going to… Read More

SNAFU in English

AEE 981: Did You Hit a SNAFU? Learn a New English Acronym and Where It Comes From

Have you ever heard somebody say the word “snafu” in English? Is this confusing as it sounds more like a sound than an actual word? You want to understand what snafu means and how it is used in English. Today we’re going to touch on… Read More

curse word alternatives in English

AEE 969: Heck Yeah! Build Your English Personality

Do you ever hear somebody say something to replace a curse word? Have you ever heard somebody say something like “heck yeah” in English and wondered what that meant? Have you ever thought about how appropriate curse words are to use in English? Do you… Read More

how to use oh boy in English conversations to express surprise

AEE 966: Five Simple Ways to Add Flavor to Your Responses in English

Have you ever heard somebody say  something like “oh boy” and wondered what exactly that meant? Do you ever wonder if phrases such as this are for good or bad situations? Have you ever wondered how to express true excitement about something in English? We’re… Read More

how to study English

AEE 957: 3 Ways to Make English First In Your Mind

How can you respond quickly and stop repeating only what you hear? How can we speak naturally in English without a delay? How can you work at building fluency, speed, and spontaneity? We’re going to look at how you can become a fluent English speaker… Read More