English pronunciation word often

AEE 1010: Are You Pronouncing “Often” Correctly? Find Out Today

Do you ever hear the word “often” being pronounced differently by native speakers in English? Does it ever feel as if there are some words that are said in two different ways? If you feel like there are words that you simply aren’t sure of… Read More

difference between a and the grammar English

AEE 1001: How to Know The Difference Between “A” and “The” in English

Do you find it confusing to know when to use “a” and when to use “the”? If you aren’t sure of which one to use in a sentence, you are not alone. This is one of those aspects of speaking in English that can be… Read More

show flexibility in English

AEE 999: How to Show Flexibility Without Sounding Apathetic in English

Have you heard certain phrases that seem different but ultimately mean the same thing? Have you ever wanted to tell somebody that you’re fine with something, one way or another? If you have ever tried to find the right phrase to use for this in… Read More

English immersion program NYC All Ears English

AEE 997: Got Versus Have, Got to Versus Have To

Do you hear certain aspects of conversation that are sometimes confusing? Are you confused between the differences in “I got” and “I have”? How about “got to” vs “have to”? These are words and phrases that can be a bit confusing in English, as the… Read More

learn British or learn American English how to decide

AEE 992: How to Decide When to Use British or American English

 Do you have any good friends who are British? Do you ever notice a difference between British and American English? Do you ever feel unsure as to which one to use? Though the differences may seem minor, they definitely exist. We’re going to look at… Read More