when in rome English expression

AEE 1031: Monkeys, Raw Eggs, and Philly Cheese Steaks-How to Comment on Your Local Experiences

Have you ever been faced with a new situation when traveling? Have you ever been challenged to try something new or get outside of your comfort zone? If you have ever heard the phrase “when in Rome”, then there’s a good chance that you have… Read More

make decisions in English

AEE 1030: Decision Time! How to Talk It Through in English

Have you ever had a situation where you had two possibilities for something? One thing might have been a sure thing, while the other was not so sure. Yet you wanted the one that wasn’t so sure–and then you had to decide? Can you think… Read More

food reflections conversation practice English

AEE 1029: Why Food Reflections Spark the Best English Conversations

Have you ever wondered why food is such a popular topic of conversation? The topic of food across cultures is a great way to go deeper with your English conversations and today we’ll talk about how to do that. We’ll give you some ways to… Read More

connect in English with someone who complains

AEE 1028: How to Connect with a Complainer in English

Do you face situations that you find to be difficult sometimes? Do you find yourself complaining and wish that you could be a bit more positive? If you want to find a way to turn a complaint into something more positive, then it’s all about… Read More

how to talk about kids in English

AEE 1027: Kids or Children? Plus Avoid This Big Mistake When You Talk About Small Humans

Have you heard “children” and “kids” both used in conversation? Do you feel a bit unsure as to which one is more appropriate to use in English? Though both words are correct when talking about the younger set, one may be a bit more formal…. Read More