AEE 1369: Take 2! How to Make a Mistake and Still Be Smooth in English

Have you ever heard somebody say “take 2” in English? Have you ever gotten a bit jumbled in conversation and wanted to start over? We all have those moments where we mix up our words or say the wrong thing, and then you want to… Read More

AEE 1368: The Origins of Colors with Mignon Fogarty from Grammar Girl

Have you ever wondered where color names in the English language came from? You might be surprised to know that certain colors or shades are not necessarily common or don’t even exist in other languages. Today we have Mignon Fogarty from Grammar Girl Podcast. Her… Read More

AEE 1355: What’s The Difference Between Tense and Intense in English?

Have you heard people use the words “intense” and “tense” in English? Does this feel confusing because they look so similar? Sometimes words may appear to be similar, but they may actually be quite different. We’re going to look at these two words, how they… Read More

AEE 1353: Why Americans Always Voice Their Differences and How to Do It

Have you ever had a difference of opinion with somebody? Does this make you feel uncomfortable and unsure of how to express that in English? We’re going to look at various ways that you can tell somebody else about a difference of opinion that you… Read More

AEE 1352: Annoyed? When To Deal With It and Not Say Anything in English

Does it bother you when you hear people chew loudly? Are there things that people do that really irritate you? What would you do if someone was with you and they were chewing loudly? We’re going to look at what you can do in a… Read More