AEE 1131: Like Clockwork! Are You Into Routine or Spontaneity?

Are you a creature of habit or do routines make you feel boxed in? Do you ever feel like you have a lot of predictability in your life? Does it seem like you are in a routine a lot? We all have a routine and… Read More

AEE 1129: 90210 and the High School Cool Kids

Do you have a child in high school that you want to better understand? Have you heard a lot about the culture within a high school within the US? Do you want to understand what the various groups are that make up a typical high… Read More

AEE 1128: Learn How to Set Expectations in 15 Minutes Tops

Do you hear people trying to set time limits on things in English? Is there ever really a good way to do this? Do you struggle with finding the right words to set limits in conversation? We’re going to look at how to set limits… Read More

AEE 1127: Having Issues? Let’s Clear It Up Today

Do you like talking about your problems? Are you honest with people when you have a problem with how they are acting or what they are doing? Do you ever wonder how exactly you can talk about problems in general? There is one word that… Read More

AEE 1126: Superstitions? Traditions? How to Talk About them in Your Culture

Have you heard people talk about superstitions within the US? Do you ever wonder if there is a difference between traditions and superstitions in English? This can be a somewhat confusing topic, because they aren’t necessarily always the same. Today we are going to talk… Read More