customize diet in English order food in restaurant

AEE 1026: Got a Weird Diet? How to Customize Your Meal in English

Have you ever noticed just how many diets there are? Have you stopped to consider how offering foods that make everyone happy can be? If you eat a special diet, do you find it difficult to ask for what you want in English? We’re going… Read More

tell story English

AEE 1025: Weird Tennis Moments and How to Tell a Crazy Story in English

Have you ever heard somebody telling a story and use other words to describe what somebody else said? Have you ever considered using any of these words in English but felt unsure exactly how to do so? If you have ever listened to how natives… Read More

if the shoe fits expression explained for English learners

AEE 1024: If The Shoe Fits

Have you ever heard somebody say “if the shoe fits” and wondered what that meant? Did you pick up on the fact that it doesn’t seem like a positive comment in American English? There are phrases like this in English that may seem difficult to… Read More

aging in American culture vocabulary

AEE 1023: The Language of Aging in American Culture

Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of  words and phrases about getting older in American culture? Have you ever stopped to listen and thought that these words and phrases seemed negative in their connotation? Do you want to understand what all of… Read More

American coins English speakers

AEE 1022: Don’t Nickel and Dime Us! Listen Today to Reduce Stress at the Checkout Counter

Do you find it difficult to understand how much each coin is worth when you are visiting or living in the United States. Can it be particularly confusing when it comes to coins within the US? If you have ever felt like you don’t understand… Read More