AEE 1390: How to Alert Someone When You Have News That Will Surprise Them in English

Has somebody ever told you to “brace yourself” in English? Is this a phrase that feels a bit confusing to you? When it comes to a phrase such as this it’s all about preparing your listener for something you are about to say. We’re going… Read More

AEE 1385: It Goes Without Saying That You Can Be Obvious and Still Connect

How do you state the obvious? How do you say something that is apparent but that will add to the conversation? You may have heard natives use the phrase “needless to say” in English, and this is what we’re focusing on today. Sometimes you may… Read More

AEE 1383: Feeling Stuck with Your English? This Episode Has Your Name On It

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AEE 1382: Is It Bad to Be Selfish? Plus 3 Self-Centered English Vocabulary Words

Have you ever been accused of being selfish? Do you instead feel that you are more selfless? You might notice that there are many words or phrases in English that feature the word “self” in them. We’re going to look at these words in English,… Read More

AEE 1381: How to Persuade a Difficult Audience in English

Have you heard people use the phrase “just because” in English? Do you know how to use it appropriately? We’re going to look at this phrase and the best ways to use it in this episode to persuade and get people to not question what… Read More