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The word ‘exclusive’ has many different meanings.

Today you’ll learn each of them with examples!

We’ll answer a listener’s question about this word and break down its usage in English.

Listen in and learn new ways to use this word in your English conversations.

Travel opportunities

Michelle asks Lindsay if she had any exciting opportunities recently.

Lindsay says she sees a lot of opportunities everywhere everyday.

One she mentioned was flying to Portugal this fall.

She’s very grateful for the opportunity to travel.

Michelle shares that she also had an exciting opportunity to travel recently to Paris.

Today’s episode is inspired by a listener’s question.

Today’s question

Hi dear Lindsay and Michelle, my name is Shiva from Iran. I’ve been listening to All Ears English for three years, I start my day with your amazing voices every day and I’m so thankful. You guys are the best. I have a question for you guys, I’ve heard the word exclusive about relationships like this sentence: “We are exclusive, or we are not exclusive”, which means we are in a serious relationship or it’s just a casual relationship, but I heard the word exclusive in a movie, but it was different. I heard this sentence: “I want to give you an exclusive chance.” Can you please explain about this word “exclusive”? Thank you so much. I love you guys so much and I’m waiting for you guys to come to our country Iran:) I can’t wait to see you. Kiss.


Versatile vocabulary

This is a great vocabulary question.

We often use the word exclusive when we talk about relationships, but there are other ways to use it.

There are a lot of words in the English language that are versatile and can mean different things.

You can check out a recent episode that discussed different meanings for one phrasal verb.

This is episode AEE 2101: Should you Shop Around? Native English Phrases for Making Purchases.

Exclusive tips

Shiva asks about how the word ‘exclusive’ is used other than referring to a relationship.

In her example “I want to give you an exclusive chance”, the word ‘exclusive’ means something is very special.

Michelle and Lindsay both often hear ‘exclusive’ used in this way.

She often hears it being used in the context that something is just for someone or a group of people specifically.

Exclusive usually means special or implies that something is desirable.

It is something that is not available to everyone.


We are giving you an exclusive chance to meet the stars of the show.

Marketing language

You will also hear this being used for offers, promotions, or reporting.

This will be heard in the news and advertisements.

Here are commonly used vocabulary chunks that have the word ‘exclusive’:

#1: Exclusive opportunity

You’ll often hear an investment opportunity described as an ‘exclusive opportunity.’

You’ll want to be careful as it might just be a marketing tactic.


Get in on this exclusive opportunity

#2: Exclusive interview

This reminds Lindsay of the show Inventing Anna.

In it, Anna gives a reporter an exclusive interview.


Entertainment Tonight has an exclusive interview with Hugh Jackman.

#3: Exclusive offer

This chunk is often heard in advertisements.

A sale or special discount might be described as an ‘exclusive offer.’


Don’t miss this exclusive offer!

#4: Exclusive club

If membership is not extended to everyone, a club is called ‘exclusive.’

This is often true for country clubs or night clubs.


She’s part of an exclusive club.

Special and unique

In general, exclusive means something is special.

When individuals decide to only date each other, we refer to the relationships as exclusive.

We use this word to say something is unique and scarce.

Someone given an ‘exclusive’ membership or opportunity likely feels exceptional.


Here is a quick roleplay from Lindsay and Michelle that uses the word ‘exclusive.’

They use it in a conversation so you have a better idea of how you can use it on your own.

In this scenario, Lindsay and Michelle are reporters.

Lindsay: So, this is incredible. I just got an exclusive interview planned with the mayor.
Michelle: No way! That’s such a unique opportunity. He never gives interviews!
Lindsay: Thanks! Yeah I really feel like now I will be in this exclusive club of people who have interviewed him.
Michelle: Haha! That’s true. This is really a special chance.


‘Exclusive’ is a less common, interesting word.

You can bring your English to a higher level by learning new vocabulary and using it appropriately.

It’s vital that you continuously consume English content and practice in your daily English conversations.

Being versatile and colorful with the words you use will help you sound more like a native English speaker.

This will help you build stronger connections.

Have fun with it and don’t hesitate to try new things.

Find the joy in learning a new language.

What other English words do you know that have different meanings?

Share one in the comments below.

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