Today, a fantastic student named Luana, from Brazil, shares her IELTS journey.

You’ll hear how she got an overall 7 on her very first IELTS Exam.

She also scored an amazing 8 on Reading.

She shares her tips for success and the lessons she learned on test day.

These will help prepare you, so you make no mistakes on your exam.

Why is Luana taking IELTS?

Luana is from Brazil, but has been living in Canada for two years.

She decided to apply for permanent residency.

For this, the IELTS exam was required.

She didn’t have a specific score target, but was knew higher would be better!

This way she can get more points.

How many times did she have to take IELTS?

Only once!

It is the best possible situation to be “one and done.”

So many students prepare alone and end up taking the exam multiple times!

Others, like Luana, get a study system from the get-go.

She hates taking tests and only wanted to have to take it once!

Preparing with a course helps ensure you only have to take the test once.

What were her IELTS scores?

Overall: 7

Listening: 7.5

Reading: 8

Writing: 6

How did she score an 8 on reading?

She followed the 3 Keys strategies.

She looked for key words, rather than reading entire passages.

Our course had helped her understand that it isn’t a comprehension exam.

You need strategies to find the answers.

You will not have time to read every word and answer all the questions.

She also learned how to make “educated guesses.”

It’s vital that you eliminate wrong answers first.

She made a few guesses and still got an 8!

Strategies Created by a Former IELTS Examiner

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Read something you enjoy!

Yes, you have to be reading the news.

However, you also need to be reading something you find engaging.

You will get more vocabulary, as well as improve spelling and grammar.

You want to look forward to your reading practice.

You shouldn’t dread it!

Listening tips

Luana feels like the most important thing is to be calm.

She was really nervous and was trying to catch every word.

She experienced that panic felt when she missed a question.

She used the 3 Keys strategies to get back on track and remain calm.

This “listening panic” is very common!

You must have strategies to not let this throw you off.

These work to bring you back so you can still get a good score!

Writing difficulties

Luana feels that she didn’t prepare enough for the writing exam.

She has had many difficulties and stresses in her personal life.

She was not able to practice all the essays multiple times.

Brainstorming and timing weren’t nailed down before test day.

She was also so nervous that she forgot the templates she had learned.

Tips for time management

In our 3 Keys IELTS study system, we offer a 30-day and a 60-day study plan.

If you have a very busy schedule and can’t devote a lot of time each day, if at all possible choose the 60-day plan.

Many students need that full 2 months to prepare.

This is especially true for those who have difficulty carving time out of their schedule.

Prioritize your study time and make sure every minute of it is spent wisely!


Luana used strategies to get the score she needed on IELTS.

Her advice is to take the time you need to prepare!

Make sure you go to the test center on test day confident and calm.

It is possible to get an overall 7 the first time you take IELTS, just like Luana did!

However, you must prepare and use strategies.

All the strategies you need are in 3 Keys IELTS, so sign up today!

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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