English vocabulary to make decisions checklist of yes or no with black pen

AEE 1553: Something to Chew On – How to Make Decisions in English

Have you chewed on any delicious food recently? Alternatively have you heard people talk about chewing on something that wasn’t food related? To chew on something can have multiple meanings in English, and that is what we’re focusing on today. You will learn all about… Read More

English pronunciation past tense man standing on concrete with arrow behind him

AEE 1552: Avoid Flawed Pronunciation With Today’s Tips About Past Tense

Have you heard people say words that use “ed” in them and it somehow sounds like a “d?” Like have you heard somebody say that they “called” their mother, and the sound that comes from this doesn’t make sense to you? Does this seem like… Read More

Ricardo 3 Keys IELTS Student Success story interview

3 Keys IELTS Success Story: How Ricardo Stayed Motivated to Get Past IELTS

Ricardo is an amazing success story! Today we talk about his journey to getting the scores he needed. He was finally able to get past IELTS. He’s now applying for Canadian permanent residency. He’s so excited to be able to achieve his dreams! Listen to… Read More