AEE Bonus: Why Today Is Happening: A Timeline

What’s happening on the streets now? What are all of the events in the news based on? There is so much history that has contributed to where we are today. You have to look at these events to truly understand what brought us to this… Read More

AEE 1393: Why Does Police Brutality Happen in the United States

Have you heard a lot about police brutality in the news lately? In this second episode on civil rights, we’re looking at police brutality. We’re talking about how it happens and what we can do to stop it. There have been a lot of protests… Read More

AEE 1257: Where to Turn When You’re a Newbie in a New Country

Did you just arrive in a new country and do you feel stuck? Are you struggling with how to build a new community for yourself in this new country? If you have moved somewhere new, you need to find ways to make connections and build… Read More

AEE Secrets to Real Listening Bonus 5: Gay Pride, Coming Out, and What to Say

In today’s special bonus episode we’ll give you a tiny preview of what is coming soon in our new course! One of the big themes that we’ll explore in our course is gay marriage and gay rights in the United States. We’ll also talk about… Read More