AEE 373: Why the Word “Insurmountable” Should NOT Be in Your Vocabulary

Life is like mountain climbing! Today find out how to accomplish big dreams by putting one foot in front of the other and taking life one step at a time. Here is today’s quote: “Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached… Read More

AEE 361: Three Magic Numbers that Will Change Your Life

Do you feel happy in your life? Do you feel happy at work? We watched a video on the Today Show that showed us the three numbers that help us be happier at work. What do you think about these three actions? Do you agree… Read More

AEE 357: 3 Things You Can Learn About Connection from a Stand-up Comedian

Michelle used to be a stand-up comic! She performed at improv events and open mic nights around New York City. There is so much to learn from comedians about how to communicate well in English Here is what you can learn from a stand-up comedian… Read More

John Fotheringham Language Mastery Show

AEE 356: Language Mastery Host John Fotheringham Shows You 3 Ways to Learn English On Your Own

Today we have a special guest on the show. Our guest is the creator of The Language Mastery Show. Today John will show you how to take learning into your own hands using exchanges and paid lessons to hit that higher level of English that… Read More

AEE 344: Why Bite-sized Chunks Are the Key to Success for the Busy English Learner

Today we have a guest on the show! Vanessa from Speak English with Vanessa will show you how you can still learn English even if your life is super busy using “bite-sized chunks.”   Are you too busy to sit down in a traditional classroom?… Read More