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Have you ever heard somebody say that they are the “queen of” something in English?

Does this sound like a phrase that may come off as overly confident?

If you have heard this phrase then it may be confusing because it sounds like you are coming off as arrogant.

This is a phrase that can be really fun and playful if you use it in the right way.

We’re going to look at this phrase, how to use it in the right way, and how it can add a fun dimension to your conversations.

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Understanding A Common Phrase

You may have heard the expression “the queen of….” as it can be quite natural to use in conversation.

It’s not a literal type of phrase, but it can be fun and playful when you use it in the right way in conversation.

This is saying that you are good at something in an exaggerated or extreme way.

You would either say “the queen of…” for a woman or “king of…” for a man.

You might wonder what this means in conversation, and the way in which you would use it.

If you are really good at something or really interested in something, then this would be a perfect phrase.

You wouldn’t use this for just anything, but you would use it in more of a humorous or sarcastic way.

It tends to be more extreme and so you’d use it when you’re trying to playfully speak to something in this way.

Others may take it as overconfidence or arrogance, and so your tone of voice is very important when saying this.

Keep this in mind and use it appropriately and you will love what this can add to your conversations.

Using This Phrase

When you look at a phrase like this, you want to consider the best ways to use it.

The nice part about such a phrase is that it can be used in a variety of ways.

You will find that this makes for a fun twist to conversation and so you may wan to experiment with the various uses.

  • If you want it to sound seriously: This is one use that speaks to somebody’s expertise or abilities. It’s usually used in a positive way or as a compliment because somebody you know excels at something.

Lindsay: “Did you do well in school?”

Michelle: “I was the queen of getting good grades, Lindsay.” (said in a serious way)

  • Saying it in a fun way: This is by far the most common and usually best way to use this phrase. It’s playful and it keeps the conversation light and enjoyable.

Lindsay: “Michelle I am totally gonna beat you on this run.”

Michelle: “Lindsay, I am the queen of running. You are going to LOSE!”

You can also use intonation for a greater impact when you are using this phrase in a fun way.

Stressing the phrase and changing the tone of your voice a bit when you say it can make it even more playful and fun.

Here’s another example of how you can change the phrase just by the tone of your voice.

Michelle: “Ugh Lindsay I am so bad at finding new clothes.”

Lindsay: “Michelle, come with me. I am the queen of shopping!”

  • Using it for self deprecation: This is essentially a fun way of putting yourself down. It isn’t meant as anything but a joke and a playful way of making fun of yourself. You can add this phrase in with this context in mind to get your point across while also having a little fun at your own expense.

Lindsay: “Michelle I dropped my phone in the toilet!”

Michelle: “Oh Lindsay, don’t worry about it. I am the queen of dropping my phone, and yes I have dropped it in the toilet. It happens to everyone.”

What Does This Phrase Do?

So you start to see the various uses of this phrase, and there are multiple ways to make it a part of your conversation.

So what does saying you are the “queen or king of something” do?

It shows that you are confident, often in a funny or playful way.

It can help to show that you have a bad habit or something that you do a lot of, like shopping, that you are obsessed with.

You will see that this one little addition can really take your conversation to another level.

Other Ways To Say This

There are other similar phrases that you can use in addition to “king” or “queen” of something.

We did an episode on this sort of topic before that you may find to be useful for background.

Episode 1186: Are You An English Connoisseur? Find Out Today

  • A connoisseur: This is a very fancy or formal way of saying that you have expertise in a given area. You may say this of somebody who has a taste for a certain food or who excels in a given area. You could say “I’m a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to salmon, I try it at nearly every restaurant that I go to.”
  • An expert: This is very straightforward and literal because it means that you are the best at this. It may be a skill or a taste in something, or it may just be something that you are good at. You can use this in a literal sense or you can say it in a more playful way. You may say it in a couple of different ways such as “I am an expert shopper.” or “I am a shopping expert.”
  • A maven: This is another perhaps not as commonly used way to say that you are an expert at something. It speaks to your experience or your love of something. You might say “I’m a real baseball maven.”

These are all phrases that you can use to be light hearted and funny about such topics.

Though you are speaking to your expertise, you can also use in a fun and humorous way which is more popular.

Roleplay To Help

Since this phrase can be used in a variety of different ways, you want to look at the various uses.

This roleplay will help you to see how you can use this phrase and how it works in conversation.

In this roleplay, Lindsay and Michelle are talking about the last time that they hung out with their friend Stewart.

Lindsay: “It was so great to see him wasn’t it?”

Michelle: “Yes. It was great to hear about his trips. He’s the king of traveling, really.”

Lindsay: “Seriously.”

Michelle: “Should we make plans with him for next week?”

Lindsay: “Yes! I’ll call him later. Wanna order food?”

Michelle: “Of course Lindsay. I’m the queen of takeout!”

Lindsay: “Let’s get Italian. I’ll find a place. I am an expert eater, after all.”

Michelle: “Ha ha, and I’m a food maven, so that works out well!”


Don’t use the “queen or king” of something seriously, but rather try to have fun with it.

This is one of those phrases that can be fun and humorous, but also self deprecating and even a bit competitive.

There are multiple uses for this phrase, but keep it positive, light, and fun for the best addition to conversation.

Use this phrase to build connection in a fun way, and you’ll love how it takes your conversation up a notch.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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