AEE 1188: Did You Mess Up? How to Use This Phrase Delicately

When was the last time that you messed up? Have you heard that phrase used a lot in English? This ultimately means to make a mistake, but it can be tough to know when it’s okay to use it in English. We’re going to look… Read More

AEE 1187: How to Think in English on the Spot

Do you want to be able to think and speak English even on the spot? Do you want to get out of the bad habits and get into good ones where thinking and speaking in English become natural and effortless? A student said that she… Read More

AEE 1183: Find Your Project, Find Your Fluency

Do you get bored with the traditional ways to learn English? If you are an adult who has been learning English with textbooks and classrooms your whole life and if you have hit a wall then you MUST try something else. Today’s episode is inspired… Read More

AEE 1177: How Far Do Language Apps Take You?

Have you ever used a language app to try to help you to really master a language? Have they been effective for you or fallen short? When can language apps help you and when can they hold you back? We’re going to look at what… Read More

AEE 1175: Let’s Hear It! What to Do When Someone Breaks a Rule in English

“Listen” versus “hear”- what is the difference? Have you ever heard native speakers break rules in their speaking? Do you hear somebody say something in English and know that it’s not proper? This is where there can be a huge discrepancy between the textbook and… Read More