AEE 1033: How to Forget You’re Learning By Following Your Fascinations

Do you have something that you are really interested in or passionate about? Have you ever considered using this passion or interest to help you to learn more? Have you ever been so involved with this interest that you forgot you were actually learning something… Read More

American coins English speakers

AEE 1022: Don’t Nickel and Dime Us! Listen Today to Reduce Stress at the Checkout Counter

Do you find it difficult to understand how much each coin is worth when you are visiting or living in the United States. Can it be particularly confusing when it comes to coins within the US? If you have ever felt like you don’t understand… Read More

how to continue English conversations

AEE 1021: Continue The English Conversation + Shout Out to Our Boston Immersion Students

Have you ever wondered how to keep the conversation going? Sometimes when you’re talking with a native speaker in English you might manage to get the conversation started but then how do you keep it going so that you can go deeper? Today’s episode was… Read More

how to use AEE archives

AEE 1017: 3 Inspiring Ways to Dig Into AEE Archives

Do you find the amount of content in the AEE archives to be a bit overwhelming? Do you want to look at old episodes but feel unsure how to do that? If you want to learn new things in speaking English, the archives can be… Read More

English study dictation how to do it right

AEE 1013: Why Dictation Is a Golden Oldie If You Do It Right

Have you ever considered dictation as a way of learning English? Should you be using dictation when listening to a podcast to learn English? If you have ever considered dictation, then you know that it’s all about what you can do to improve speaking English… Read More