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AEE 1005: Are You In Survival or Creative Mode? Find Out Why It Matters for English

Do you feel like you live your life in fear often? Do you consider yourself to be creative? When it comes to learning to speak English, do you let yourself enjoy the process and get creative? If you haven’t thought about these things, it can… Read More

AEE 1000: Ten Takeaways from 15 Thousand Minutes of All Ears English

It’s hard to believe it, but the podcast has hit 1000 episodes. You may be new to the site and these sessions, but that’s a huge milestone. This means that there has been some great experience gained along the way to get here. You usually… Read More

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AEE 997: Got Versus Have, Got to Versus Have To

Do you hear certain aspects of conversation that are sometimes confusing? Are you confused between the differences in “I got” and “I have”? How about “got to” vs “have to”? These are words and phrases that can be a bit confusing in English, as the… Read More

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AEE 996: Besides Versus Also

Have you heard people use the word “besides” in conversation? Does this seem very similar to you as the word “also”? If you find yourself questioning the difference between the two then you are not alone. You want to see how you can use each… Read More

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AEE 995: What’s Rude and What’s Not? How to Make Culture a Conversation Topic in English

Are there things that people do that annoy you? Have you ever annoyed somebody without realizing why or what you did? Understanding what is considered to be rude across cultures can be quite confusing. This can vary significantly by culture and so you want to… Read More