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AEE 992: How to Decide When to Use British or American English

 Do you have any good friends who are British? Do you ever notice a difference between British and American English? Do you ever feel unsure as to which one to use? Though the differences may seem minor, they definitely exist. We’re going to look at… Read More

All Ears English Skill- Alexa open All Ears English

AEE Bonus: Lindsay Speaks Japanese + How to Listen to AEE Hands Free

Today we have a special announcement! There is a cool new way to listen to All Ears English if you live in the United States or Japan. You can now listen to All Ears English on the Amazon Echo Alexa device in your home. You… Read More

AEE 989: Homesick? How to Feel Better in Your New Country

Have you felt or do you currently feel homesick? What happens to your mind and body when you feel homesick? If you are away from home for too long, or in a totally different culture, then being homesick is quite common. We’re going to look… Read More

AEE 987: Mark’s Tips on How to Raise Multilingual Children

Did you learn to speak multiple languages when you were young? Have you ever considered teaching your children multiple languages? Though children learn quickly, you do want to be sure that you are approaching this the right way. We’re going to look at the best… Read More

how to deliver a good speech in English

AEE 986: How to Deliver a Speech Like Michelle Obama

Do you have a fear of speaking in public? Have you ever heard that more people are afraid of public speaking than death? Do you worry about public speaking, particularly in English? If you have this fear, you are definitely not alone. We’re going to… Read More