advice ricardo second ielts exam

IELTS Energy 619: Vital Advice for Ricardo and His Second IELTS Exam

Today you’ll learn from advice for Ricardo for his second IELTS Exam. Ricardo is taking the General IELTS test to immigrate to Canada with his family. Before his first IELTS attempt, he prepared for 2 months. He used the 30-day plan from 3 Keys IELTS,… Read More

IELTS Energy 610: Dissect One Student’s Experience For Your Exam Success

Today we analyze one student’s IELTS experience for your own exam success. One of our amazing 3 Keys students, Amanda, had a fantastic IELTS experience and emailed us about what happened. The first part of the test was the writing (the one that I need… Read More

IELTS Energy 606: Why Examiners WANT to Read Renata’s Essay

Today you’ll learn why examiners want to read Renata’s essay for IELTS Task 2. Renata is this month’s Writing Wizard Winner and is going to take her exam next month. She is intending to apply for Canadian immigration, so she needs Listening 8 and band 7… Read More

IELTS Energy 597: Harness Your Interests for the Highest Speaking Scores

Today you’ll learn how to use your interests for the highest Speaking scores. Recently, a 3 Keys student asked: Today I need to share some terrible feelings I had while studying the Speaking Module. I could understand the tips and the given examples made it… Read More