How to speak English more naturally

AEE 953: Why Listening Strategies Plus Native Interviews Equal Connection

Do you want to start speaking English more naturally? Do you ever wonder how you can take your skills and apply them into something that is more natural? Do you want to gain confidence so that English can feel more normal to you in everyday… Read More

vocabulary screw up go off

AEE 950: How to Adjust Your Language at the Workplace Based on Culture

Do you wonder if you’ve “screwed up” anything lately? Have you heard somebody “go off” on somebody in English? Taking it a bit further–is it appropriate to use such phrases with a boss or coworker in English? We’re going to focus on what these phrases… Read More

use word away to convey forward movement in English

AEE 947: One Simple Word to Add Momentum to Your English Conversations

Have you ever heard somebody use “away” in a manner that you didn’t quite understand? Think of an example such as hearing somebody say that they were going to “work away until they got it done.” You probably know what “away” means, but not necessarily in this… Read More

AEE 944: 3 Bad Habits and 3 Easy Hacks to English Connection

Do you have bad habits when you speak English? We all have bad habits. We may even have things that we do that we’re not even aware of at times. You might not realize it, but some of these habits can keep us from speaking… Read More

AEE 939: How to Talk About a Scary Situation in English

Do you feel confused when you hear  words that can mean scary used in a different way? Does it seem as if a word like “diabolical” for example used in a way that does not at all mean scary? Sometimes scary doesn’t mean scary after… Read More