English expression can't help

AEE 1457: We Can’t Help Using Contronyms in English

Do you have any habits or quirks that you know you should stop, but you just can’t help it? Do you hear people talk about how they help others in English? Is this confusing because you hear the word “help” used in two completely different… Read More

phrasal verbs English up

AEE 1456: Crank Up the Volume to Use Natural Phrasal Verbs in English

Have you heard somebody say that they are going to “tear up” something? Is it confusing to hear the word “up” used in this way in English? Today we’re talking about phrasal verbs, which may seem a bit confusing or intimidating at first. We are… Read More


IELTS Energy 943: How Maggie’s Topical English can Get you a 7+ on IELTS

Maggie Abernathy with Topical English joins us today. She shares 3 tips for using topics to study a language. You’ll find out how to use these tips to sharpen your IELTS study strategies. This gives you an opportunity to learn things you’re interested in. It… Read More

beautiful womans hair English

AEE 1455: Seven Ways to Describe a Beautiful Woman’s Hair in English

When was the last time you went to a wedding or any fancy event? Do you usually get all dressed up? How do you usually do your hair? Believe it or not, the topic of hair comes up quite a bit. If you are going… Read More