AEE 1359: Health in America Part 2: Drug Prices, Insurance Companies, and Demonizing Wealth

Do you still feel lost when it comes to healthcare in America? This is something that has so much substance to it that we made it a two part series. There’s a lot to cover and you want to understand how the process works, and… Read More

urban immersion adventure intensive English course

AEE Bonus: How Koyo Learned to Listen Better in English

Today we have a special guest on the show! Koyo is on the podcast today. He participated in the Urban Immersion Adventure in October 2017 in Boston. Koyo saw massive improvements in his English while we was in the program. Learn just a few of… Read More

urban English adventure Jinwook

AEE 918: How to Stop Rehearsing and Realize that Natives Aren’t Judging You

Today we are lucky to have Jinwook on the show. Jinwook was a student in our Urban Immersion Adventure program in October in Boston. In this episode Jinwook will tell us why the intensity of this adventure caused him to stop rehearsing, stop worrying about… Read More

lazy native English speakers

AEE Bonus: 3 Lazy Rules Every English Speaker Follows

Today find out how to finally be able to understand natives when they speak fast by knowing what to listen for. Plus, let’s check up on our app goals for the AEE community!   How are we doing on our BIG SHARE GOAL? Special thank… Read More

Fabrice’s Adventure Story: How the Weekend in Boston Created Tangible Results for a More Successful Life in English

Today you’ll meet Fabrice who is one of the students in our English Immersion Program in October of 2017 in Boston. Remember, prices go up February 1st for the next trip dates so apply now. He’ll tell us about the results that he got from… Read More