business English grammar

AEE 1437: How to Formalize Your Business English Grammar

Today we look at ways you can move from formal to informal in the corporate world. This skill is vital, as it will help you network and build connections at work. Listen in to have the business English skills you need. These will help you… Read More

English lesson brand names

AEE 1436: What Do Lip Balm, Toy Hoops, and Moving Staircases Have in Common?

Often, brand names become so popular, the brand name starts being used as a generic noun. Today we are going to discuss a few of these! This topic will allow you to: Expand your vocabulary Learn more about brands versus actual words Give you conversation… Read More


AEE 1435: Try for a No to Get a Yes in Business English

In sales, sometimes you have to ask uncomfortable questions to get more customers.  We have a listener question about this today. Don’t be nervous in these situations! Getting more customers is vital. You have to be brave and try to be a people person. Today… Read More