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AEE 1439: How to Set Boundaries and Take Control in Your Business English Presentations

Do you ever struggle with questions when you are presenting something? Is it hard to know when to answer questions when you are in the midst of a presentation? We did an episode (1431) about Q&A based on a listener question. We wanted to do… Read More

IELTS typical questions comp

IELTS Energy 930: IELTS Wonders If You Can Be Rich Without Working

How can you make money without having to work? This is a common IELTS Writing Task 2 question. It’s a very difficult one to brainstorm! Today we discuss all the ways people can become wealthy without working. This will give you ideas if you face… Read More

English word commitment

AEE 1438: How to Use the Word Commitment To Maintain Privacy and Be Concise

Do you have a lot of commitments in your life? Are you somebody that truly commits to your relationships or activities in your life? Today we’re talking about commitments and why this is such a big part of conversation. You can understand the definitions of… Read More

IELTS Band 9 Speaking sample answers TV

IELTS Energy 929: Band 9 Sample Part 3 Answers That Should be on TV

Today you’ll hear band 9 sample answers about watching television. Listen as Jessica and Aubrey give stellar answers to Speaking Part 3 questions. We’ll use techniques we teach in 3 Keys IELTS. You’ll hear feedback specifically related to the different Speaking scoring sections. You can… Read More

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IELTS Energy 928: To Cliché or Not Cliché, That is the IELTS Question

Can you use clichés, or common idioms, on the IELTS exam? How will these affect your Vocabulary score? Listen today to find out! It’s extremely important that you know which idioms are too common and shouldn’t be used on IELTS! You’ll also learn 4 idioms… Read More