learn English like a child

AEE 1477: How To Learn English Like A Small Child

Have you ever watched a young child learning something new? If you have then you see that they pick things up really quickly, and soak up everything around them. Have you ever thought about trying to learn English in the same way? Today we’re talking… Read More


IELTS Video: Vocabulary You’re Almost Certain to Use on IELTS

In today’s video, you’ll learn parallels and idioms for the word “almost.” This word is extremely useful for both Speaking and Writing. You’ll also receive example sentences that would work for Part 1 answers. In part 2 of this series, you get sample Part 3… Read More

English apologize at work business

AEE 1476: Don’t Apologize For A Job Well Done

Do you say “I’m sorry” too much in English? Do you find that you apologize before a lot of things that you say or do? Do you know somebody who apologizes too much at work? Today we’re looking at the tendency that many of us… Read More


IELTS Energy Bonus: Don’t be Fearful in Fast Group Conversations

Is it sometimes difficult for you to understand conversations with multiple speakers? Do you hesitate to join conversations with a large group? Don’t just study English for IELTS! Improve your fluency in English for after IELTS as well! Sign up today for our upcoming webclass…. Read More