get someone's attention in English

AEE 1441: How to Draw Someone’s Attention in English

Have you heard people use “look” in conversation but felt a bit confused about the usage? Do you ever wonder what the right way to use this word may be or help you to draw attention to something? Today we answer a question about how… Read More

IELTS technology questions

IELTS Energy 932: Cutting-Edge Vocabulary for a Groundbreaking IELTS Score

What is a topic you are likely to see on your IELTS exam? New technology! Today you’ll learn to use very high-scoring vocabulary words to describe technology. Take notes and improve your Speaking and Writing scores with these interesting phrases. Today’s question One of our… Read More

words contranyms English

AEE 1440: Avoid Confusion with Two Opposite Ways to Use Off

Have you ever said a word in another language that did not mean what you intended? l’amour/la mort “I can feel the death in your home” Contronym in French: hôte – guest/host Subscribe to the podcast- get Aubrey’s next episode on contranyms Misunderstandings happen all… Read More